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Highest single heal in PVP

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Highest single heal in PVP

Aerilas's Avatar

11.11.2012 , 08:48 AM | #1
What's your highest heal gotten in PVP so far?
Personally I've gotten 7.6k on my scoundrel, which was on another scoundrel healer which makes me think he used Defensive Screen at that moment. Lucky.

I'm not looking for people who intentionally buff up everything which has nothing to do with the fight. I'm actually takling about in-fight heals.

(also, PVE gear not accepted, with which you can get a lot higher heals)
I'm expecting sages with their new insta-heal to win tbh :P
Vis Fatalis
Caineghis (Sniper)
Tomb of Freedon Nadd