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There NEEDS to be a join cutoff for queue!

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There NEEDS to be a join cutoff for queue!

iDraxter's Avatar

11.10.2012 , 05:49 AM | #11
it really sucks when u join a match and its to late to do anything i swear the biggest joke for me was joining a huttball match that ended the moment i jumped down from the spawn really?
joining a match mid way is a handicap(mainly because ur going in blind besides not knowing what the enemy has u don`t know what ur team has either) but u can overcome it sometimes atleast, example
1) i joined a alderran match last night scor was 490-360 for the enemy but I made a diference over the guy that left cuz we won the game
2)i join a huttball match scor 1-2 , 7 mins left, i scor twice and for the 3rd goal i throw the ball to an ally waiting on the enemy goal line, boom we win 4-2