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Allow custom warzones to be implemented.

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Allow custom warzones to be implemented.

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11.09.2012 , 09:41 AM | #1
So we all know that the rate at which Bioware has come out with PvP content is atrocious, so why not let the players create their own, custom warzones? Warcraft III, for example, had a lot of people that played their maps that were custom made by users. Sure, a lot of maps weren't very popular, but look at DotA as an example. That became so popular that it became its own standalone game played by millions.

Wouldn't this help you, Bioware? I mean...with this you would have a lot more PvP warzones in your game. If you have more PvP warzones, the PvP crowd will have more fun, and more people may even sub/resub. Also at that point you should allow players to pick the warzone they want to play. Of course, the custom warzones wouldn't be in ranked warzones, these would just be for fun. Think of what this could do for you Bioware if you had players developing warzone maps for you. For example... instead of the 4 warzones you have now... you could have 10+ warzones with game modes that you don't even have yet... for example.

Official Warzones:


Novare Coast

Civil War


Custom Warzones:

FFA Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch

Capture the Flag

Elimination with rounds(Once you die you're out of the round until everyone but one remains. There would of course, be multiple rounds.)

Freeze Tag Elimination with rounds(Players can be unfrozen by a player right clicking the other player within 5 meters of the frozen player, at which point they would do a 3 second channeling spell called "Thaw". The player unfreezing his ally would not be able to attack others, but if he thaws his teammate, his teammate goes back in the game. The Thaw channeling spell would break on damage.)

King of the Hill

Onslaught(This would be like an advanced version of Civil War, where there will be about 10 nodes connected to each other, all the way to the enemy base. Certain nodes would be inaccessible until the node in front of it is taken, each node can also be taken back of course.)


These are just some suggestions for other modes. This is the type of variety you could have Bioware, and more, if you let the players make custom content for unrated warzones. I'm not saying to let them make their own gear, just the warzone maps.

So what do you think PvP forum, would you like this idea or no?