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What the hell happens with TOFN empire?

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What the hell happens with TOFN empire?

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11.08.2012 , 02:56 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Theodulus View Post
Yesterday was exceptionally bad. I gave up after 5 warzones. In one civil war I went to our natural node at the start and called 4 incs immediately. I managed to mess them around for over a minute without help. What made it worse was that my team mates all went back to the respawn area without accomplishing anything. 7 players failed to kill 3 reps at mid and died trying. I knew I should have followed the other 4 guys advice and quit as soon they zoned in and saw the level of the combined expertise. After that warzone the final nail in the coffin was being grouped up with a 4-man premade from a notoriously bad guild we shouldn't name.
So I heard, I was doing "PvE" yesterday while talking to my PvPing friends and from what ive heard it was horrible
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11.08.2012 , 03:40 PM | #62
well ive been playing on tofn for a long time but i cant say that The Empire side is really in the lead of wining all the time its just about who's Playing and who takes it serious. i mean, i played 9 warzones last night and i won 7, cant say that's bad?. and the teams were also always Balanced, and i must say From all the players i see online from time to time u complain the most, "Why?", why bother complaining all the time if u arent even gear'd yet? and since u clearly hate marauders Why Play vanguard? There easy targerts for sentinel and mara's i know this cause my main is a vanguard whit full modded wh and i dont even kill a Mara or a sentinel unless im lucky or hes not gear'd, not saying Ur bad, just saying Get used to the fact that a well played mara or sentinel will always beat a vanguard and correct me if i'm Wrong, and Everybody has a day or days that pvp is totaly Crap on one side, But u cant expect to win all the time and like i sayed in the begining There's nothing Wrong whit the PVP on TOFN. Besides there's no need to complain about the match u shown at that screenshot since my alt "Freylis" was on that game and it was a very boring game and if those mara's were really gear'd they would have had a bit more DPS dont u think?
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11.09.2012 , 06:52 AM | #63
I prefer to say, wth is happening to TOFN reps. On the best day reps win 4 wz up to 14/15 .

well i can prolly have bad luck and teamed up always with medalfarmer and non equipped players.

but i dont believe in the bad luck everyday, most of the wz i see rep loose its becz no one know how to make em, like if i cap a node, 3 more try cap and no one going to stop imps. Huttballs everytime ends in a deathmatch while imps scores at every ball respawn.
Another thing is that theres a low % that know the target priority, the majority just hit the 1st thing that have in theyr tab and usually are juggs/mara leaving the imp healer free to push up 500/600k healing and even more.

But in the end the main factor is that imp know all how to play warzones, reps not.
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