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[Asyl˙m] is recruiting for TFB HM teams on Republic side.

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[Asyl˙m] is recruiting for TFB HM teams on Republic side.

BAODL's Avatar

11.01.2012 , 12:24 AM | #1

Guild Focus: PvE
Faction: Republic
Timezone Scheduling: Pacific Daylight Time (GMT - 7)
Voice Chat: Ventrillo

Progression 8-man:
Eternity Vault 5/5 Nightmare
Karagga's Palace 5/5 Nightmare
Explosive Conflict 4/4 Hard
Terror from Beyond 5/5 Hard

Operation Times: Tuesday-Thursday 7:30 - Midnight (Approximately)

Hey guys, my name is Burbono and I'm the founder of a small guild called Asyl˙m. Originally a guild from the Zaalbar server, we had to tweak our name a little bit because of the transfer. Our primary focus is raiding, so activity on non-raid nights can be low, but there is still a core group of players that are on regularly every day. On a side note we are actually pretty active crafters, between a couple of members we can craft nearly everything in the "61/26" range, and we have started to learn some recipes in the "63/27" range. However we don't just make a full Black Hole set for your 4th string alt Instead we help those toons that are raiding with upgrades from time to time.

Our size has varied over the months, at one point we had up to 4 raid teams operating at different levels, but we are currently running a primary 8-man progression team and are in the process at trying to get 2nd 8-man team going once more.

In regards to our primary raid team, we are looking for a new tank that preferably already has experience clearing TFB HM, and has gear in the min/maxed BH/Campaign range. Within the team we are somewhat casual, basically as long as we aren't making mistakes and everyone knows what they are doing, then Vent can get pretty light-hearted. We do have TFB HM on "farm" status as of now, and are continuing to raid while waiting for EC Nightmare to drop.

If you are interested in this position, please feel free to send an in-game message to myself (Burbono) or any of the officers Beliall, Cathulan, or Wolvspa.

In the case of the 2nd team that we are trying to get started again, they aren't fully formed so they have been unable to clear TFB HM as of yet, but the members of our guild that are in the team have cleared EC HM. Regardless they are looking for 2 DPS and 1 Healer. The gear requirements would be essentially the same in what we would ask for in Team 1, but there could be some more leeway.

If you are interested in these openings i would recommend speaking to Blading-wind, or his alts Leria or Racing-rain.

Well that's my pitch, i hope what Asylum has to offer is of interest to some of yall and i look forward to hearing from you guys.

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11.07.2012 , 04:01 PM | #2
Goof Troop
Cathulan Cathul Cathulun Cathullom
Cathula Cathuadeus Cathulas Catholae

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11.08.2012 , 12:06 PM | #3
Would your second team accept members from another guild to fill out the team?

I have 4 including myself that could fill all those roles. Our guilds primary progression group raids on a conflicting day and we are looking to run the harder ops on another day on a more constant weekly basis. All of us are very efficient in the HM EC or HM TFB having done then before and fully geared BH / Campaign.

Contact me here, PM or otherwise or in-game on Syrdass, Varria, or Oosh. Thanks!