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Cheat, Exploit, Talent -#2?

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Cheat, Exploit, Talent -#2?

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11.07.2012 , 09:10 PM | #1
I have a valor 75 smuggler and a valor 50 bounty hunter- I've only done 3 matches sub 50 so nearly all of that valor was gained in the lvl50 bracket. I understand that there are lag spikes and glitches and I haven't really seen anything that made me suspect cheating except for the following three incidents:

1- I was in the denovan coast and happen to run into a sniper where the road splits to go to the three corners (East/west/south). He drops into his portable cover I drop into mine we start fighting each other I get his health down to 10% mine goes down to 20%-then in the blink of an eye his health goes to full (I instantly rotate the camera-but there was no healer around).

I pop the warzone medkit bringing my health back to around 50%. At this point I pull all the stops-smoke canister-pyro grenade-mezz- satchel- aimshot. Our healths are almost even around 15% - then bam- he is up to around 50% health (there was no healing animation, no casting, no force being channeled to him-just instant 50% health). Fortunately the match was over before he could deal the finishing blow. Is this a skill that the snipers have that smuggles don't have? Or is it a cheat?

2- Denova again- west node- I see an assassin behind the house trying to capture the node- as I go around he runs and fights the commando that was defending with me. I go to the front the long way to get some distance between me and the assassin, as I make it around the house I see that the commando is down to 60% health and the sin has barely lost 5-10%. I shoot him and he takes no dmg (cooldown right) so I shoot him with my flourish shot and wait to see him take dmg before unloading- he takes down the commando then heals a bit before engaging me- I get his health down to around 10% when he goes invincible again (I'm down to around 15%) so I move root-shoot-wait-freeze grenade. I pop my medkit and am up to 40% health-he then mezzes me and runs down the cliff. I still have a bead on him and just as I was about to drop down-kick and finish him off- I see him healing himself back to full (we were still in combat, since I couldn't heal, and was still targeting him). So I left him there and went to meet up with the re-enforcements. How can a healer out dps a BM commando and a War Hero slinger?

3- Last one was in the void star- similar scenario except that the one who healed himself up from 5% to around 60% was a marauder. I was out of grenades and felt a pyro one would have finished him off before he cast a healing spell on himself. He killed me, but I respawned way ahead and was able to plant a bomb on the last door. Was his healing a cheat or a skill that I am not aware off?

If you read this far here is a joke of a statement I heard while fighting in Civil War- We see a sentinel in lvl47 greens with something like 11000 hp's join the warzone. Near the end of the match he goes on a rant about hacking and cheating because he keeps getting killed in a blink of an eye and can't hurt anyone even though he wipes the floor with mobs on voss. (Lol)