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SW:TOR-RP Community, Jung-Ma

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11.07.2012 , 11:39 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Swerto View Post

Leave the rules for guilds and inter-guild relationships. Do not make the RP community one large clique that shoves off people from the entire thing when they piss off one or two individuals, because if we're good at anything as roleplayers it's drama. I swear, we're worse than raiders.ops players with their loot distribution drama.

People should be able to roll up, find roleplay, and not give a **** if they say something to the wrong soldiifed character all of a sudden they're going to be ****ed and pushed out of the community. I've seen this happen before.

It closes the community. Good intentions or no. No.

EDIT: some dumb things.

Don't limit people's classes thy can play, this is personal preference of one roleplayer seeping in and diminishing the playground that is here for everyone. If I want to play 12 sith warriors who are all brothers, I can damn well do so, I don't need you telling me no. If you don't like somebody's character, you can approach it in an ICly or an OOCly manner, you can ignore it or call ******** IC. Don't push the guy out of the community. Some people are young and make "stupid" characters, I remember ten years ago when I first started roleplaying, and boy were my characters

Oh and also, rule of two didn't exist yet buddy, Bane hasn't even been born yet.

EDIT: and what about those people who don't RP what their class is? Like the smugglers in Alpha who are just 'scouts' but are still considered troopers.
Though I agree.... you don't even play anymore. SILENCE INFIDEL.

Quote: Originally Posted by Anishor View Post

Class - RP Profession
Knight/Warrior - Melee Soldier/Bounty Hunter/ Non-force warrior
Smuggler - Republic Trooper
Smuggler/Trooper - Bounty Hunter
Trooper - Smuggler
Trooper - Bounty Hunter/Mando
Smuggler - Noble, Security
Trooper - Security
Bounty Hunter - Smuggler
Bounty Hunter - Imperial Trooper
Agent - Imperial Trooper
Agent - Bounty Hunter/Mando
This is already happening. I have a BH that is an IMperial Trooper... and I have a Sith Warrior that is a Melee Mandalorian. My guild has Agents that are Bounty Hunters/Mandalorians...

Doesn't require Cartel coins.

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