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Does 'mental alacrity' ADD 20% alac?

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Does 'mental alacrity' ADD 20% alac?

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11.06.2012 , 03:00 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by SgtKlavier View Post
Are you talking about running with a base 20% alacrity or what you are able to do when you add the ability bonus of 20%?

You will also not get the telekinetic wave and telekinetic throw off in 3.6 seconds unless you are casting the t-wave and using the procced version of t-throw, giving you 2.4+1.2. However, you should never actually be casting t-wave to use it as even with the 20% alacrity it is a waste when you can keep using shorter casted spells and then instant cast t-wave with proc after mental alacrity fades.
My skill tree has to include bubblestun and egress, so for that reason I have pumped my alacrity to natural 20% - I can't really add any other proccing abilities at the moment.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aital
Listen not to sargeantCleaver!!! HE KNOWS NOTHING!!! 8d

He knows not the way of the sage! Alacrity should be base 25% with 5% bonus proc from Force Master's and Mental alacrity! NO LESS!!!

10 seconds of 0.5 telekinetic throw will teach anyone a lesson!!! That's a lot of damage! 8o It's Armageddon it is!! He wishes not you have!! ><
Hehe that made me laugh, thank you

Though 25% natural alac - is it really enough to just pump alac at the expense of crit, or even power?
'Pre-2.0 PvP... The gear gap was too big and some players became non-contributors quickly because of the gear gap. It wasn’t fun for the majority of players' - Alex Modny

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11.06.2012 , 05:20 PM | #12
I would imagine they are more powerful up to some point. The game can hypothetically be made so they are all viable but I'm sure this game is more simplified so certain combinations are more viable because of how the bosses and monsters and spells are designed. I would imagine yes. But it's always fun to experiment! Who knows it may be fun though. I have had 20% alacrity.

Alacrity does not compete with crit or power. 8d Actually it only competes with surge accuracy and shield. Crit and power actually compete and willpower technically raises power by removing the need for pure crit rating allowing more power rating, until you get to augs where power and willpower do compete...

I label stats this way:

0. Endurance. This is on almost everything except defency augs.
1. (main) Willpower,Strenghts etc. This is on Armorings and Mods.
2. (Secondary) Crit, Power, Defense, Absorb(I think that is all) This is on Mods, Enhancements.
3. (Tertiary) Alacrity, Accuracy, Surge, Sheild(I could be wrong and Sheild and absorb are reversed. But I think I'm correct. You'd have to look at a Mod. If They have absorb Then the above is correct how it is.)
4. Expertise This can be on everything taking various stats off for using it in exchange! Armorings loose the most potential Mainstat. On lv 27(63) Mods loose Either -4/-4 Main/Secondary on peices that have 56/44 = 100 on normal PVE mods becoming 52/40 = 92 PVP mods, or -7/0 Main/secondary 72/13 = 85 PVE become 65/13 = 78 PVP mods. I beleive Enhancements are the same or similar. Armorings loose it basically all in the Mainstat but give 50 instead of 30 expertise. (There are more combinations, but, I think, most PVP, if not all, are those two combos!)
5. Augs give pretty much everything with a max of 18/12 combos.

The big kicker is how they designed they game. I'll assume guided or very close. but even guided games can have some variation! The most important part is actually Rotation/Spell Calculations/Monster stats+skills+Attacktypes/Encounter design/AI's!(AKA spell damage formulas and situation.) And nobody knows those from a proper technical standpoint that I know of.!(I could be very wrong on. To tired to personally figure them out.) 8\ So it's also technically a wild card as to the whole game design. And AKA the bonus damage is merely the input for Spell damage. If spells use Base Damage or really funky formulas that can have no bearing on Real DPS based on Spell calculations/rotations. So it matters how they designed those. It could be better to have lower bonus hypothetically(and fairly easily). Depends purely on game design. Everyone's betting that it's always better to have higher because games are all simple these days. But even in a guided game that can be very wrong. If you optimize based on rotations, especially with hybrids potentially, that could lead to different outcomes where other stats are needed more than power/willpower to get the most DPS. Depends completely on ALL of the other specifics.

My favorite combo for my sage is No More than 34 crit percentage for force. And I do only 120 Surge(although I put it off this round for 329=10% alacrity until the 28 parts and new augs come out.) for exactly 66.68% multiplier. The reasoning is I like number combos. I do 33.33 or 33.66 approximate Crit so it looks spiffy. Plus my main attacks get the +6% crit so they are basically 39.99/39.66. This plus the Potency ability gives a nice near 100% crit chance on demand for nice healing/DPS potentially. Also 33.33 is 1/3 so with how crit works it's very nice.

FYI(you may know this but it may help people 8d) If I'm not doing this wrong, you calculate Crit multiplier by putting it and the multiplier in decimal form to multiply them together! so that gives the generic crit multiplier. Again has to be taken into account with other factors to figure out. With 0.3333 x 0.6666 you get .2222 or 22.22% multiplier. 0.3333 x 0.51 you get 0.1699 or 17%. 120 surge is then a 5% generic/base crit bonus! Very good for so little. 8)
I'll note that that is a DPS formula though and not the same as for potential other uses.

But, basically, you can do basically what you want with alacrity. It only competets on Augs/Relics with anything besides other Tertiaries. Though, obviously, if you want to do generic stat maximizing you want whatever is most valuable point per point. Though that has nothing to do with Character optimization in combat. That is actually based on rotation/Spell damage design +plus all the enemy stuff. You have to have more than just the stats. Stat desigining outside basically that thing with Sorc crit bonuses(and technically with it) is blind character design. 8)

I currently am going for 15% alacrity, although, I used to do 20%. I'm ultimately getting 16.67 which is 658 alacrity.

BTW for most stats:

5% = 233 rating(possibly, this one needs confirming!)
10% = 329 rating
15% = 562 rating
20% = 891 rating
There is a pattern here! 8) The previous two added together equals the next one! 562 + 329 = 891. I believe this is the pattern for all rating stats. 8) Hence their curve! And I beleive it will follow through the entire game!(233 is derived from reversing the process hence why it needs to be confirmed. Can't remember if have done it. I know the other 3 are correct from usage.)


25% = 1453 rating
30% = 2344 rating

Remember to take into account base with this! Some things do and don't have base! And it can vary per class etc.

Forgot what else I was going to add...

And to the original question. I hope it adds. It would be a wasted ability if it only set it directly... Although they use a lot of abilities to remove the need for stats in the first place. 8( That is why I don't like guided games(or overly guided in that case! stuffy they are!)! They make me sad. 8(... Of all the things Star wars has to be made one(BTW it's very good for basic game complexity design because of what Tech/Travel abilities it has as fiction plus the Ranged melee stuff. but they don't, and probably don't know how to take advantage of that.). Oh well it's not like any game developers today have the math skills to do other wise anyways. These games are very fundamental math. you need much higher math and a lot of imagination/practical experience(which you can gain via designing a game a lot) to build other, more complex, games. Not that they are hard to start. They are actually very practical to make. And they technically guide themselves as you learn higher math/logic as you design. Free forms if you know how to do them are basically forgone conclusions in design and the most complex. Quite a conundrum there huh! 8p Or is that a paradox.... Oh well. 8D Maybe it's both. A conumdrical paradox(y)!! 8o Me to tired to think de english!! (Yes I'm a native english speaker btw. 8p)

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11.06.2012 , 06:15 PM | #13
I'm glad you got posting on this topic.

[Edited out].

'Pre-2.0 PvP... The gear gap was too big and some players became non-contributors quickly because of the gear gap. It wasn’t fun for the majority of players' - Alex Modny

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11.06.2012 , 11:12 PM | #14
Too much? 8) I'm a bit tired. If it's hard to understand, Sorry!

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11.07.2012 , 05:24 AM | #15
No, I just sent you a PM instead, that's all.
'Pre-2.0 PvP... The gear gap was too big and some players became non-contributors quickly because of the gear gap. It wasn’t fun for the majority of players' - Alex Modny