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The Ashtor'aa Chronicles: Tale of a SITH

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The Ashtor'aa Chronicles: Tale of a SITH

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11.05.2012 , 10:54 PM | #11
Act 0, Chapter 3. A heavy choice

As the sun set over the red hills and deserts of Korriban, the occupants of the Sith academy retired to their respective chambers to rest. Taxed both physically and mentally, beyond what most could comprehend, they fell into a sleep that could be called a trance, it was so deep. In one chamber, however, a lone light shone dily from the crack beneath the steel doar, and the sound of pacing, rapid footsteps could be heard dimly echoing inside. Inside the said room, Ashtor'aa strode madly up and down, up and down, her mind filled with debate. The choice of a lifetime loomed before her, and the time to choose was nigh at hand.

On one hand, the promise of un-matchable power seemed closer than it had ever been before. She had sensed the aura of might emanating from the two mysterious strangers who had waylaid her earlier. It was undescribable, reeking of darkness so profound and deep that no light could survive therein. It promised, to her mind, the quickest route to that which she so desired. For six months, she passion and hatred of all life had grown, till it consumed all else, and she had thought she would stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

But now, new emotions, new feelings, were ripping through her, seeping through the darkness to her core. She remembered the soft light in Rya'an's eyes when he had had said so softly, "I love you, I will protect you" There had been a truth, a simplicity there, that none could deny. Part of Ashtor'aa wanted, nay screamed, to surrendur, let herself feel light again. Let herself be loved, and to be able to love someone else.

A knock sounded softly on her door, and it opened, revealling the rugged, kindly visage of Rya'an. He gazed at her affectionatley, and whispered, "Ready to go?"

She looked briefly at him, accidentally making eye contact, and was mesmerized by what she saw. Love, compassion, every good thing seemed to shine out of him, and burn a hole right to her heart. Mutely, she nodded, and let herself be led out of the chamber, out of the sinister grey academy, to a shuttle pad, where a small shipping vessel sat silently in the moonlight. As they approached, a small door opened, and Rya'an tossed his pack up, leapt up himself, and extended a hand to Ashtor'aa. She reached out and grasped it, as a surge of warmth and light seemed to jolt through her, and melt the ball of ice around her heart.

The emotions that she had locked up there, that had grown exponentially because of being stifled, poured through her frame, the weight of them forcing her to her knees. The pain and loss of her parents murder washed over her anew, and the rage, fury,and hatred seemed to tear her to her soul to shreds. She writhed on the ground in agony, sobs wracking her small body uncontrollably, as the freshly thawed heart experienced six months worth of emotions in mere seconds.

Suddenly, as it seemed to her she would die from the agony, a still, emotionless, yet ringing voice spoke in her thoughts, "Peace is a lie, there is only passion! She clung to the familiar words, strugling to focus soley on the hatred. "Through passion, I gain strength."the voice continued, never wavering, exuding an air of unutterable authority. "Through strength I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.", the voice concluded, as Ashtor'aa rose to her feet, the emotions once more frozen inside her heart, the need to avoid that unbrearable agony redoubled in her mind.

This had all happened in a matter of seconds. As she rose, Rya'an leapt to the ground to assist her into the ship, concern lining his handsome face. She pulled herself from his grip, however, and gazed at him with fire in her eyes.
"How dare you! You saw what a mess I was when I arrived here, you knew it almost killed me. And yet you want me to have to live with that pain?! That is not an option! There is NOTHING good in this world! NOTHING!! No love, no joy, without consequences that are too horrible to think of! I hate you!". she screamed at him, her slim form shaking with passion.

"Ashtor'aa, my love!, what is this, what has come over you? You have to deal with the pain, or it will consume you! You must not let it contiue to eat at you. Its transforming you into a monster, cant you see?", cried Rya'an, desperatley, as the ships engines sprung to life. "Come with me, I'm begging you!"

There was no nanswer from the beautiful statue, who seemed deaf to his entreaties. He reached out a hand to grasp her arm, but was repelled by a powerful jolt of lightning that burned and bistered his hand. Leaping back in anguish, he stared at her.

"Leave my sight, and let me never see your face again, or it will be your death!", she hissed in a whisper that dripped with menace and hatred. He stared mutley at her, tears of sorrow running down his handsome cheeks.

Leave!!" she shreiked wildly.

The small ship started to lift into the air, preparing for its departure from the dark planet. Rya'an shook his head, and leapt to the boarding ramp. Turning, the last he saw of the woman he loved, was her striding purposefully out into the desert, her dark robes swirling about her. The door shut with a clang, and he saw her no more.,,,,,,,,,