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What to do with worthless Daily Comms?

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11.05.2012 , 01:11 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by QuietGoneJinn View Post
So I'm a PvPer, so PvE gear isn't really useful to me. I only do the dailes because of the HUGE discrepancy in credit payouts:

PvE: 15 minutes = 75-100k credits
PvP: 15 minutes = 2k-6k credits
Eh? Where did you get that figure from?
Quote: Originally Posted by BaronV View Post
Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!

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11.05.2012 , 01:14 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Arvig View Post
Why is it silly? There should be a cap so that people aren't using one character to gear up all of their alts. You know, encourage them to actually play more.
There's already a loophole for that anyway by design.

Main toon = Buys/Obtains full Bind to Legacy Gear
Main Toon = Purchases Tiered gear from vendor (Tionese, Columi, Rakata, Black Hole, etc)
Main Toon = Pull out mods from Tiered gear
Main Toon = Insert Mods into Bind on Legacy gear
Main Toon = Mail Bind on Legacy gear to ALT with updated mods
Alt Toon = New Gear from Main Toon

You can even go further by pulling out the mods from the Legacy Gear to put into your moddable gear for your ALT. Then mail the legacy gear back to your main to start all over again.

If I was a gambling man I would have to say the whole point of the Legacy thing is a trail for F2P anyway. To me Legacy is in essence already F2P items that are being tested that are going in the Cash Shop.
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11.05.2012 , 03:15 PM | #13
sell rakata implants