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Ability Lag

Renovear's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 02:14 PM | #1
Hey out of curiosity is anyone else getting some ability delay lately? You'll have like a perfect connection to the server but things like full auto or master strike will just seem to have a delay before they activate. Even some normal abilities seem to almost be hesitating before they fire.

Sorry the description is a bit vague, the best I can describe it is that it seems to have lag between pressing the button and something happening, even though my connection to the server shows 33ms

I'm on Red Eclipse btw.

jizerai's Avatar

11.05.2012 , 02:21 PM | #2
I'm experiencing the exact same behavior, and I'm on The Red Eclipse as well. 0,5-1,5sec delay when using abilities.
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11.05.2012 , 03:05 PM | #3
Seems to be a problem with Red Eclipse. Lots of people are experiencing it, there was a topic on here yesterday. Switching to instance 2 seemed to help me a little.
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11.05.2012 , 03:10 PM | #4