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Moddable gear and augments, confused.

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Moddable gear and augments, confused.

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11.04.2012 , 04:12 AM | #1
So... I have searched but not really found an answer to this question and that is why I am turning to the community for a little help.

Well, I have finally settled on a main character after multiple characters have been through their starting planet. Anyway, belfore choosing a crew skill I have been seeing Orange moddable gear once or twice dropping, for example a chest item for my Juggernaut, this piece had only an armor value of 8 while my current blue piece has 150 something,

Same thing with a lightsaber I found, DPS value vas severely lower than my current I got of Korriban main quest.

I have read a few posts with people saying they have been using the same Orange moddable gear for most of their leveling simply because they like the way that gear looks. Ok, enought ranting and to my actual question.

Will moddable orange gear have their armor and dps value raised when I upgrade current mods to better ones? Or will that nice looking orange chest gear with armor 8 on it stay that low no matter what I do, and that lightsaber will it simply not work at higher levels even if I install better mods?


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11.04.2012 , 05:33 AM | #2
"ctrl + right click" on the item to open the mod window.

there are 4 types of mods:
1- armoring or barrel or hilt (same category, different name depending whether it's armor, tech weapon or force weapon)
2- mod
3- enhancement
4- augment (this slot can only be added by a player at the moment, there is no drop that will have this)

By upgrading each and every slots you'll keep your orange gear up to date (there are also green and purple moddable equipments).

Only the 1st category will determine the efficiency of your equipment, all the others will only add stats.
- the higher the armoring level, the higher the armor rating (for a given armor class: light, heavy, medium)
- the higher the barrel or hilt level, the higher the base damage.

The value you read on an empty orange shell has no relevance whatsoever once you slot the armoring/ hilt / barrel.

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11.04.2012 , 05:43 AM | #3
This confused me when I started the game too. On seeing empty oranges as possible quest rewards, I often turned them down. "Why would I use that item - it has no stats!"

The thing is, you need to put mods into empty oranges. Then they will have stats appropriate to the level of mod that you slot in. To raise the armour value of a piece of armour, for instance, you need to put in a better armoring. To raise the damage value of a lightsaber, you need to put in a better hilt.

I hope that helps!

EDIT: Whoops, that's what I get for taking my sweet time replying.

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11.04.2012 , 04:45 PM | #4
what everyone else said. just keep in mind, if you insert mods that are a higher level than your current level, then that raises the level requirement of that orange piece, and you won't be able to wear it until your combat level catches up.

also, inserting or stripping mods out of an unbound orange piece will bind it to that character. so if you are planning to send it to an alt, wait until after the toon who needs it receives it before you edit the mods.

pulling mods out of any orange piece binds the mods to that toon as well.
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11.04.2012 , 07:27 PM | #5
I also didn't understand the orange gear at first. It can be cheaper to scavenge orange gear than buying off the gtn. For example I scavenged a crystal from a gun to fit in my saber. Ditto duplicate orange gear from flashpoints, check to see if the insides can be used to upgrade other gear. The commendations that drop from the various flashpoints have level related vendors that sell mods and such you can place in this orange gear. Now I just need to find some decent looking gear, I have a very gay looking head piece that at least looks a thousand times better than that nun hat I was last blessed with, lol.