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Combat Medic Questions

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Combat Medic Questions

s_nibb's Avatar

10.31.2012 , 04:42 PM | #1
I have a lv 50 combat medic, decently geared, almost fully battlemaster with 2 rakata. In WZ I see scoundrels healing for 300-400k per round, I am only getting from 120-300k(in a good round) is this my lack of gear or abilities, or is this just the way it will be for me?

I used to be able to at least compete with sage and scoundrel healing one the game was newer, I'd say within the first 3 months before i quit.

Second, what are some good stat marks I should be shooting for for raids and hard modes.

Thanks a ton!

JacksonMo's Avatar

11.01.2012 , 12:30 PM | #2
Are you using your HoT's? That makes a world of difference for scoundrels. They have a couple instant cast hots they can just tab-target friendlies and spam hots to get such big numbers.
I don't know what your ability pool is, since I've never played that class, but hot's and aoe's will make a world of difference. Especially anything that lets you run-n-heal.

KeyboardNinja's Avatar

11.02.2012 , 09:25 AM | #3
First off, I wouldn't wear Rakata in warzones. The only exception I make there is for the main hand and off-hand, which have dramatically better stats than their Battlemaster equivalents. Everything else should be either Battlemaster or Recruit.

On my Combat Medic in augmented Battlemaster, I have no trouble hitting 400k. Honestly, I'm really only at that level if I had to spend a lot of time working on objectives (solo guarding, decoy duty, interrupting caps, etc) or if I'm being focused pretty hard. If I'm allowed to hang out and free cast, I can get over 600k. (my record is somewhere around 650k)

Combat Medics are really, really good in PvP, but they're also very hard to play effectively. They are not mobile healers, though they do now have some kiting ability thanks to the buffs in 1.4. You basically need to find a spot in the fight and hunker down, move a bit between casts if you have the time, but otherwise just hang out. Try to be sufficiently inconspicuous that you are not the first thing the enemy maurader sees when he procs up his Smash. Most importantly, keep a cool head if you're being focused. You should have Trauma Probe on yourself, which makes a surprisingly large difference when people are beating on you. Your armor is the best of all three healers and it shows. If it's really only one person trying to take you down, you can almost certainly continue healing your team while periodically tossing a big one on yourself. (two or more players focusing you is another story, and usually requires your full attention and cooldowns to survive) Be ready to pop supercharge cells if you need it. Try to save your reactive shield for when your resolve bar is full. Pop adrenaline rush the moment your HP hits 70% if someone is focusing you, and keep your finger ready with your Warzone consumables.

Played correctly, you will be nearly unkillable. I can take two or even three people focus-firing me for an embarrassingly long time. Obviously, if they out-gear me, or if they time their burst together (e.g. two Smash-spec'd warriors), I'll probably go down quickly enough. Another problematic case is a pair of coordinated operatives/scoundrels stun-locking me for the full duration of their burst. In general though, Combat Medics are incredibly survivable and are capable of making an INSANE contribution to team survivability.

So, don't give up just yet. :-) Augment your gear (it makes a huge difference) and learn to toy with the DPS chewing your face. Rest confident in the knowledge that you can heal through pretty much anything, and enjoy the feeling of making a difference to the success of your team.
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11.02.2012 , 06:29 PM | #4
I'm in much the same position as s_nibb, and appreciate the detailed advice, KeyboardNinja, thanks.