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Group Finder Rewards Still Have a Small Issue

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Group Finder Rewards Still Have a Small Issue

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11.01.2012 , 06:12 AM | #1
So on Tuesday I completed EV SM. To my surprise (and pleasure), upon completion everyone in my group were awarded the commendation box.

However, last night some of us ran into an issue while on KP SM. There were about three of us that experienced massive lag issues. For myself, the lag went up to 40k and for some reason did not disconnect just stayed there for about five minutes. So I had to quit game and restart the client. When I logged back in, naturally I was no longer in the group. They had to re-invite me, and group finder would not let me travel to the operation, so I had to "walk in" via the entrance on the Ziost.

Two other group members died during the operation, and when traveling back to the med-center, caught the loading glitch. Thus, they basically had to go through the same process that I did, and the same thing happened (could not travel via group finder, had to walk in, etc). At the end of the operation, we were the only three who did receive a commendation box.

I have put my ticket in, as did the others. But just a fair warning/heads up: if you have to be re-invited to the group after the operation has been started, you're probably not getting your coms box even if you did everything right in the beginning.