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Help with my first SW

lironBD's Avatar

10.30.2012 , 04:46 AM | #1
Hello everyone... some questions after starting my first sith warrior (right now he is level 21 marauder).

I've got some level 50's and have a jedi guardian so I'm not familiar with the marauder mechanics very well.


1. I've went with carnage tree, so far it seems simple enough and do the work, went with THIS - CLICK HERE build. Does this build will be good for PVE purpose? I'm in a very active guild and we do HM and OPS almost every day so that's kinda important for me.
Also from my experience of our guild composition it's more important for me to deal bit more damage more quickly then last for a prolonged fight.

2. Cool Factor. As the proud owner of level 50 sorcerer I share the burden of gear which look ridiculous end game. I actually had to farm drops for 3 weeks until I got supreme inquisitor robe for him.
Anyway my thought was to reach level 50 then do KP\LI story mod for the xenotech Vest with the hood then for the other 4 parts of the set use battlemaster weaponmaster's ones (I'll switch the mods with the PVE mods) so I'll get the 2 and 4 bonus from the set and won't look like optimus prime > viable? or you have better options?

3. upon reaching level 50 which lightsabers are better for pve etc.. the tion' grade ones or battlemaster ones?

any other tips as I'm bit lost here and so far having one gosh darn fun with this class will be helpful.
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