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Current Bugs:

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10.29.2012 , 02:45 PM | #1
Repeatable Bugs:

Queueing into warzone with the party instigator active causes you to see the party screen.

Queueing into a warzone with open screens like the inventory and character screen overlay the loading screen.

Happening Sporadically:

Stuck in a warzone. I've been rooted in place today in 1 warzone where I was stuck and unable to move in combat. I then spawned unable to move in a Nova Coast match. My mouse worked. keyboard worked and when I tried to get movement I literally could not move. I waited to get kicked and was able to move in the fleet and then again in the next warzone.

Frozen Map area like I had low latency. I was playing my last match and was literally stuck in a very small movable area. Unlike low latency I saw people moving around and the match continued to progression. I saw no enemies and don't know if any fight was occurring. I had to /quit at that point to attend to other things.

Unfiring attacks. This seems to have gotten a bit worse of late. The improved latency of the last graphics fixed help but at times things dont seem to want to go off or fire oddly. The new force push and maul are my worse offenders. Force leap is also buggy at times.
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