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Chapter 4 idea, well received so far! - Spoilers

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Chapter 4 idea, well received so far! - Spoilers

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10.27.2012 , 02:29 PM | #11
Actually, it doesn't fit because of one thing : the story itself is a dark side one.

The pursuit of power for power is a very Sith theme, but associated with the dark side's association with power. The story must also fit the LS inquisitor out there.

Chapter 2, your inquisitor can choose to gain power for power itself, but also can get a contract with the ghost, as a mean to an end against the deathmark thanaton has put on your head, out of necessity. That is a story where your attitude count. Proof is the choice to release the ghost at the end. I believe inq story should head toward the inner struggles of the dark council, or chasing down powerful artifacts. Actually, I expect it will be chasing down powerful artifacts WHILE dealing with the manipulation of fellow Council members.

But you must always hold a LS and DS way to do it (ex. LS sith inq can have a true interest into the artifacts and not only for the power he can gain, which would fit the DS inq main focus)

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08.21.2013 , 08:50 PM | #12
YES! I love Darth Nihilus great idea! I'm actually writing my own story for how my character got the mask but if Bioware added Darth Nihilus to the inquisitor story in any way that would be cool! Perhaps for dark side option inquisitor could bring him back or keep the mask for his/her self and become the new lord of hunger and for light side inquisitor could see it as too dangerous and powerful and choose to store it in the Arcanum. Or perhaps while searching for the mask or holocron the inquisitor brings Darth Nihilus back. Lots of options for how the story could go. Also going to Coruscant like how Jedi go to Dromund Kaas would be cool too.
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08.28.2013 , 09:55 AM | #13
This sounds cool but Bioware has already said during the Cantina tours that they are doing new planet story arcs vs. class story arcs for the "group experience" or if you can read between the lines the "bottom line save EA money" experience.