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I want to be able to choose my payment source.

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I want to be able to choose my payment source.

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12.20.2011 , 03:50 AM | #1
Dear EA and Bioware!

Its true, my country is part of the EU, but we arent using Euro at all. Regardless this minor thing, here I would like to request NOT TO FORCE me to pay in Euro, but be able to choose from the available currencies, so USD, EU or whatever you want to use for it.

I always disliked the fact, that some online game sellers are making the EU and USD exchange rates equal which is NEVER gonna happen during the whole life of the EARTH, unless the US occupies the EU or EU the US which is falling under the category of impossible again.

You have choosed to force the people in the EU to pay more than the others and followed the system of these game sellers, and this is really bad.

If people are forced to pay in EU, they are clearly and negatively discriminated against the ones, who are allowed to pay and choose USD, since the FALSE converting rate.

EU players will be forced to pay a LOT more to play the same game, and what do you call this if not discrimination?

If you do not allow people to select their payment source, that is already a discrimination.

So, I would like you to allow people to select the currency what they wanna use for the payment, instead of leaving no choice and pick the one you want.
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