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Unable to login!

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12.20.2011 , 03:43 AM | #1

Just got in o.0

I was in the very first wave of ega and have been playing everyday no issue. Today I received my CE and updated my account with a six month sub and the CE plus the authenticator.

I am able to log in to the forums no issue with all my detail and it was working fine earlier before.

Late this afternoon I lost connection to the internet while in queue and had to re queue, once again I lost connection and re-logged in where after entering the queue I was given an error code of 1000 something, I did not get the exact code.

As of that moment I have not been able to log back in as at the login page I receive the following message
"The email address, Password or security key you have entered is incorrect. Please confirm your login or contact us."

I have tried the following things.

1) Waiting around half an hour for my account to reset, thinking it might still be registered being in queue.

2) reset my password just in case ad reloging in to these forums using my security key.

3) restarting my computer (had to windows update so thought might as well)

4) Running as admin.

I have thought about removing my auth key to try that but am unsure if to or not.

Any other ideas I can try? I have contacted support but given the release of the game today in America I gather they will be very busy for the next few weeks and may take time to reply.
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