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Lvl 50: Red Reaper (Semi-rant)

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10.22.2012 , 12:30 PM | #1
Lately, I've been running through Red Reaper, both pub and sith, quite a few times and have been running into this problem where level 50's will join the group...and are just rubbish.

50 tank....
  • You are not god's gift to the level 45+ group just because you have Campaign/Columi/BH gear.
  • You still die in a Normal FP...believe it or not
  • You are not the almighty one for blatantly saying, "Yeah, I don't really need this...but I'll help you guys out"...and then letting the medic (and/or others) die 2+ times because you don't aggro grab.
  • You still need to taunt. The 45ish dps' aren't killing as fast as fully geared 50 dps' you're used to so...believe it or still need to taunt.

While the focus of my rant is tanks running through Red Reaper, I'll also really applies to any 50 running through Red Reaper.

Do people just turn off your brains or delete all knowledge on how to run Red Reaper once you figure you never have to do this FP anymore? If so...why do you bother adding it to your Finder list? The number of 50's that I've run this with during the month that just do NOT get this FP is astounding. For this example, I've been using my medics (both sides) and...well...I've died more running through this FP with 50's then I have when running through it with people in my "level range". It's honestly like the 50's just kinda do their own thing, thinking they're "total pwnge" on a "Normal mode" they ignore any kind of group dynamic. They start chatting with they're guildies/buddies, they aren't really trying at all in the fp and are just there. Not really filling their roll...just....there.

I'm not saying this happens with all 50's (obviously), but the amount of 50s that just either: don't get the FP or don't care about the FP is astounding. If you don't want to be there...don't queue. If you're there, treat it like any other HM FP and give it a good go. Please.
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10.22.2012 , 01:27 PM | #2
1. I solo'd Red Reaper once with my gaurdian tank in mostly columi with a few BH pieces. I actually got the idea to try it from a video on YouTube of a 50 sentinel soloing it. Really, its not that hard.

2. At lvl 50 you can get daily commendations for queuing for random SM flashpoints via group finder. Red reaper is included and you have to have it selected to get the comms. It shouldn't be on there if you ask me, because its a lvl 43-47 fp iirc, but that's BW's doing. Plus, there's also a lvl 50 daily quest for doing sm flashpoints but it doesn't include red reaper - so I know many ppl will random que for sm then leave group and try again if they get red reaper - to kill two birds with one stone and finish the daily and group finder daily with one fp.