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can i tweak my shadow tank more and better than this ?

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can i tweak my shadow tank more and better than this ?

wetslampigduex's Avatar

10.22.2012 , 09:13 AM | #21
To OP, Your stats seem right in line with mine. I'm missing a few 61 armoring's 2 to be exact and my main hand is rakata offhand in black hole. My stat values sit at. 27.8 Defense chance 43.89/63.89 shield chance(w/o and w/ DW up) and a 62.98 absorb i also have 24.9k hp. I also use the Defense Relic and Proc absorb relic. Which when active puts my absorb just about 71%. All my gear is augmented with D and absorb relics. I have cleared the first 2 bosses in TFB HM with this with fairly easily(switched to my PT which was saved to a few bosses) I was also told by the healers i was with i was much easier to heal than another Assassin that was running with us at that time didnt ask his stats but hes full campaign and seems to have dropped almost all of his Defense in favor of shield an absorb. His defense was only 17 so i can only imagine the ungodly shield and absorb he had.

Anyway my advice would to be slightly drop your D and add absorb. It's only a very small difference but maybe it turns that attack hitting ur Sin from 4.2k to 3.9.