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The Ascension of Darth Nox

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06.16.2012 , 10:47 AM | #1
Darth Nox's Sanctum, Dromund Kaas

Within the quarters of the most recent addition to the Dark Council, there was mostly silence and a eerie aura radiating within. Few dwelled within, all servants to the Dark Lord, and within the former meditation chamber of his predecessor, Darth Thanaton, the Sith Lord meditates in the center of a platform looked over by four massive Sith statues, as if being watched by the cloaked figures.

Dressed in dark armored robes and his head hidden under a lengthy cowl, the Sith Lord radiated a dark and almost sickly whirlpool of Force energies around him in his meditation.

"Peace is a lie," The Sith Lord mused, "There is only passion."

Just then, four Sith walked into the chamber, surrounding him. Not affected by this, the lord remained still as they drew their crimson lightsabers, and lunged. Before any of their lightsabers could hit, they were halted in midair by the Force, no matter how hard they try, they didn't budge until the msytical energy pushed them back.

"Assassins dare come into my sanctum and interrupt my thoughts." The Sith Lord said, getting up slowly revealing himself taller than most of them, his robes hanging low to the floor, and lifted his head to show a mask to look at each other of his attackers with unseen eyes through the skeletal eyes of the mask. "Now you will be punished accordingly."

Flicking his left arm, his clawed hand caught the curved-hilt of his lightsaber as it fell from his sleeve, and ignited its bloodred blade between the angling bladeguards. Giving what is known as the Makashi salute, he placed his free hand behind his back, before finishing, "Who will be the first to die at the hands of Darth Nox, heir to Lord Kallig and Tulak Hord?"

One of the fools actually moved in for the kill. With a fluid step, the duelist backstepped from a chop of the saber, and with seemingly no effort, the Sith Lord blocked and evaded each of the assassin's attack until a second joined in to help.

"Through passion, I gain strength."

Darth Nox's defense didn't waver in the slightest, easily toying with them both, until the first made a fatal thrust, allowing the Makashi master to cut off his wrist and slice his throat with a swift arc of his blade, ending him quick. When the other made the mistake of looking at the falling corspe, Nox use this opportunity to telekinetically manipulte the falling blade to flare back on and impale him.

"Through strength, I gain power!"

Gasping, the assassin started to fall forward when the Force gripped and thrown him into one of the statue hard.

"Through strength, I gain victory."

Not allowing victory to him, Nox spun to his next two assassins when they moved to replace their fallen comrades. They strikes harder, faster, and smarter than the last two, obviously learning how to fight Nox, but he have shown nothing yet.

Blocking one blade, Nox thrown his hand out to hold off the other. Chuckling under his mask, Nox looked at the one struggling to overpower him, and his eyes flashed a eerie violet light, "Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."

Pushing the assassins back with both his natural strength and the Force itself, Darth Nox gripped the weakest with the Force, lifting him into the air, and used his power to bend the unfortunate Sith's limb in impossible angles for his species. As his fellow assassin was recovering, the agonized Sith was tossed into him, knocking him back down.

Trying escape from the Sith Lord's wrath, the assassin pushed the body aside and made a run for it. However Nox had other plans.

Lifting his hand, electricity crackled at his fingertip and lanced forward into the assassin's back. Screaming in agony as the dark energy threw him off his feet and paralyzed him long enough for a invisible hand to grip his body and pull him back to the Sith Lord.

Lifting him in midair and shackled by invisible bonds, Darth Nox put away his lightsaber and looked into the Assassin's eyes. "Now that little entertainment was done, tell me child." He said, "Who sent you?"

However the answer wasn't needed to be answered, before the assassin could speak, Nox lifted a claw and tap it to his cranium, using the darker regions of the Force to pry into his very mind, no matter how hard the assassin tried to resist, Darth Nox was much more stronger and the pain had him augment his already powerful will.

Fishing through memories and searching carefully, Nox found something. The face of a older human man, his balding head crowned with graying hair, his eyes corrupted by the dark side, and a noticable scar on the left side of his lip. "Darth Xanatos, the fool." He said to himself. "Please, Darth Nox. I-I can go back and kill you for him." The assassin begged. Nox allowed the silence to remain in the room, feeling the anxious worry in the assassin strengthen before replying, "No. You have done your part in this little game."

With that, he used the Force to crush the assassin's heart and lungs, effectively killing him. Dropping the corspe on the floor, Nox exhaled before two of his most loyal servant appeared from around the statues; his personal bodyguard, the Shadow warrior Khem Val, and his Kaleesh assassin and apprentice, Lord Xalek.

"I could have killed them for you, Master. There was no need to waste your energy on these peons." Khem Val said in his native tongue. "indeed, Father." Xalek agreed simply. "I was bored anyway. Can never give up a chance to excerise my power. The last thing I need is to become weak and helpless to my enemies and allies." Darth Nox said.

"I will have the servants clean the corspes, Master." Khem said. "Very well," Nox said before looking to his favored of apprentices, "Xalek I have a new mission for you."

Xalek bowed graciously, "What is thy bidding, my Father?" "I want you to execute Darth Xanatos in his pathetic blunder to try to assassinate me. If any of his followers get in your way, they will be executed as well." Nox said, looking at the deformed corspe for a moment before looking at his powerful apprentice.

"Of course, Father." Xalek said before walking off and vanished from thin air using the Force.

Nox exhaled before digging deep into the Force before his former Master Zash's voice entered his ears, "You have grown quite powerful and have learned much since your time as a apprentice."

"Indeed, I thank your teachings and machinations, as well as Thanaton's to guide me." Nox said. "You have always been a humble one haven't you. Is it just a guise to keep your enemies and allies' guard down?" Zash asked jokingly.

"I am humble because I control and use my emotions like a lightsaber. There is no need to use my rage, I will leave that to the Sith marauders and Khem. I use patience because the Force is always weaving possibilities for me and I use mercy because it would suite and benefit me in the future, like Ashara. At first, her naive thoughts and Jedi mind annoyed me, but in time, I saw a opportunity with her, and I seized it. A ignorant Sith is a dead Sith." Darth Nox said wisely.

"Indeed, you are a philosopher of the Sith and its workings, my apprentice." Zash said warmly. "Thank you, Zash." Nox said before Khem Val took his body again and bowed before leaving to perform his duties.

Darth Nox let the Force relax and flow around him, to become what he is now was a hardship few can match with.
A member of the Dark Council, Master of the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge, Heir to the name of Kallig and the power of Tulak Hord, and a master of the Dark Side and many of its forgotten and dangerous secrets.

This did not just fall into his hands like Dromund Kaas's almost constant rain.

He earned it with bloodshed, manipulation, ambition, and of course, the mastery of the Dark Side and all of its dark obstacles.

Known to few, Darth Nox began as many other Sith...he started as a mere slave named Judic Darius to the Sith Empire and soon a acolyte of the Sith Academy on Korriban, where his destiny began.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."

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06.16.2012 , 09:11 PM | #2
Awesome story. Cannot wait to read more.

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06.16.2012 , 09:50 PM | #3
(Thank you )

Prologue: The Sith Inquisitor I

A Imperial shuttle leaves the belly of one of the ships of the Imperial defense fleet of Korriban and descends towards the pale red planet, flying over seemingly endless canyons and approach a modern site amongst ancient ruins. Lowering itself on a docking platform, lifting its repulsor wings as it spun around to face outward, the shuttle opened its rear to allow its passengers to walk out; a handful of mostly red-garbed men and a single woman in olive clothes, all armed with unusual swords with electricity within the blunt blade of electricity called a electrobladed training sword.

One of the males stopped, dark-skinned with a somewhat malnutriented appearance on his face; his cheeks were sunken, dark circles under his dark-irised eyes, but his black hair was well cared of and slicked back. Looking with awed eyes at the structure before him and trying to get use to the smell of stale and somewhat foul air before he was rudely shoved aside, making him grimace with displeasure, recovering he saw a purple-robed figure walking infront of him with a training lightsaber hanging on his belt. He stopped for a moment to glance back, the human's dark eyes met a pale red eye before the offender left.

Something ebbed in the man's heart when their eyes met.

The figure turned back and walked off. Following, he caught up with the others, passing by another human male with reddish brown hair on his head and chin as a goatee and a interesting tattoo over his left eye, dressed in similar garbs but angular pauldrons over his shoulders. The cloaked figure stopped by him and nodded before both of them proceeded forward while the man continued at a slow pace.

At last joining the others, the tattooed man glared at the newcomer, and scorned disapprovingly as he crossed his arms, "Ah, the last one to arrive is finally here. I hope you don't think yourself special."

But the man's scorn wasn't the newcomer's concerns, he kept a close eye on his offender as he disappeared into a hallway, and he quickly put his attention to his introducer. "It would be a shame if freedom went over your head, or if you somehow got the idea you didn't need to pass your trials to become Sith."

Now putting his attention to the whole group, he continued, "Lord Zash has tasked me with sorting through you refuse to find one worthy of being her apprentice, and I intend to do just that."

"Give us a chance," The newcomer said, "We can prove ourselves." The Overseer looked at him with a cocked eyebrow, "We shall see. Now, the rest of you gutter trash already know your trial. Get going while I bring our latecomer to speed."

As the others began to walk, the female approached the newcomer with a friendly demeanor, "Watch your back, friend. And don't worry, it'll be alright. He can't kill us all." The newcomer smiled gently at the gesture, "That means a lot coming from a beautiful girl."

Flattered by the comment, the young woman blushed under her cream-colored skin, "You're cute." Catching herself, she stuttered before saying, "Just watch you don't get yourself killed."

As she left, the newcomer watched her for a moment before the Overseer approached with a disdain appearance on his face, "Now, slave, for your trial. There's a hermit named Spindrall who lives in the tomb of Ajunta Pall in the Valley of the Dark Lords."

The slave looked at him with a well-concealed frown from hearing the word, clearly hearing the word was used as a effective insult. "Spindrall's a lunatic, but Lord Zash sees him as some kind of prophet." The Overseer said, showing little patience in the presence of the slave but tolerate him nonetheless. "Once you find him, he will test you."

"As you wish, Overseer." The slave said, with a short bow. Smiling at the respect, Harkun added, "But there-you know your task. Now go and don't keep him waiting...Slave."

Eye-to-eye, the two seemed to search into each other but the Overseer broke it off and left.

Walking down the hall everyone went in, the slave found himself looking out to a valley of ancient ruins. Wasn't so hard to find as it sounded.

Before him was the large entrance to a tomb that he presumed was Ajunta Pall's. Making a somewhat quick walk down into the tomb, the bodies of giant worms littered about, killed by blasters or lightsabers, and soon enough he was in a small battlezone.

Imperial soldiers were fighting for their lives against the actual giant worms, their thick body lined with razor-sharp claws and their mouths were giant holes rowed with deadly teeth, amongst the mix were Sith warriors, who fought with a beast's ferocity and ruthlessness.

Awed by this but he knew he had a job to do. As he approached a barricade of crates. a soldier turned to look at him. "Excuse me, acolyte. Sargeant Cormun, Fifth Infantry company, Korriban regiment. Can I talk to you?" He asked nervously.

"Of course, you speak freely Sargeant." The slave responded. "Thank you." The soldier said humbly."You're one of the slaves Harkun brought in on the last transport, right? Here to prove yourself to the bloodthirsty overseers?"
At the word slave, the acolyte's face made almost ******* appearance, "I will not very soon, you will call my Acolyte Judi Darius."

"O-of course, forgive me acolyte. While here's your chance to not only show off for the overseers but start building ties to the Imperial military, as well." The sargeant said, now talking a more brave demeanor, no longer nervous. "I'm here commanding a hard target mission to exterminate k'lor'slugs in this tomb. They're...horrific things. Mouths bigger than your head. I've lost three squads of good men fighting them. They come in packs-they just...they'll swallow a man whole."

"I will not allow these men to be remembered as worm food." Judi said. "Thank you for your kindness. I was hoping you could assist my operation while you're in there. The accursed k'lo slugs breed so fast there's no way to wipe them out conventionally. So we started targeting their egg chambers. They went insane. We manged to get explosives to all of the egg chambers, but the k'log slug were all over us before we could detonate them."

"It really does sound like you would need some help." Judi said. Worried, Cormun replied, "Don't underestimate those k'lor 'slugs, sir. They're ...they're smarter than they look."

By the time they finished their conversation, most of the slugs have been killed, and the soldiers retreated back. The few Sith warriors there decided to withdraw for now.

Deciding to take this chance, Judi rushed through the massive halls, some of the surviving slugs saw him and moved to attack.

Waiting to the last secondfor one of the larger worm lunged its large head forward, Judi jump into the air, spinning around, and struck the worm in its head, the energy in the blade discharged into the worm. Landing, a smaller worm lunged through the air as well.

Concentrating on the fear in his heart, Judi remembered of his little bit of training by his master before sent off. Throwing his hand out, he let out a sudden jolt of lightning shot from his fingertips and struck the little stomach-high creature dead.

The other worms relented at this, giving Judi enough time to escape down the corridor.

Coming around the corner, he found more bodies, but he continued on until he a digusting smell blew into his nose by a gust of wind. Grimacing and covering his nose, Judi walked forward, and found what he was looking for.

In the center of the room was large cluster of large slimy eggs, with small clusters on the walls and large canisters pushed inward. Occupying the room was several slugs but their attention were on a large muscular man in armored clothes, his head covered with brown hair that somewhat offsets his physique, but he moved with a speed only possible with the Force, whichmade his abnormal strength seem supernatural at best.

With a lance-like blade in hand, he struck down a small slug with a vicious cut, slicing its disgusting flesh, spilling pale green blood onto the floor. With a menacial chuckle, he stomped on another, and lunged into a larger slug, stabbing his blade into its belly, and knocking it over.

Bellowing a cry of pain, the beast tried to move but the Sith warrior pinned it to the ground with his boot and stab his sword deeper into the beast. Ripping it out, the warrior looked back to see the newcomer into the slaughtered beasts' chamber. Smirking of having someone in awe of his power, the warrior walked towards the explosives to finish his work.

Finally having the ability to move from the incredible show of power, Judi sensed something amiss, and made the initative to look up. A huge creature moved on the ceiling.

"A slug above you, get out of the way!" He cried, catching the surprised Sith's attention. Looking up in time, he tumbled to the side when the slug dropped to the floor, making it tremble a bit.

Both looked as the creature uncurled itself and risen the upper part of its long, bulgy body. Rows of sword-like limbs dancing ferociously and its maw dripping mucus as it sensed the intruders.

The warrior gotten up with a delighted smile on his face, "Finally a real challenge." Getting into a stance, the warrior waited for the giant slug to move first. Jumping back, the warrior swung to cut the creature but it moved faster than its lessers.

Seeing a opportunity to strike, Judi carefully manuevered himself around the slug, and thrown his saber hard, using the Force to thrust it further, and it struck into the beast's fat.

Screaming at the unexcepted attack, the slug curled its body around to see Judi exposed and armless.

Bellowing in anger, the slug sped towards the acolyte, almost catching him but missed when the quick slave rolled to the side at the last second.

Uncurling from his roll, Judi found himself next to the warrior, who scorned him for his previous action, "Fool. You lost your only weapon."

Smirking, Judi replied, "You of all people should know there is more to a Sith than just his weapon."
The worm recovered and lunged again. Both rolled to either side of the broodwatcher. Getting up quick, the warrior struck its side with a vicious slash of his sword, effectively cutting flesh. Screaming in pain, the slug tried to manuever itself towards the warrior, but it made a mistake of showing the embedded blade in its back.

Taking this chance, Judi tried to focus his emotions, focus on his anger of being a slave, his fear of failing, and his ambition to become more than he is, and unleashed it as a raw power.

Lightning lift his fingertips and lanced at the exposed sword hilt, overpowering the blade inside, and unleashing its power within the beast, causing it scream in absolute pain and its flesh bubbled and expanded until it exploded violently.

Covering themselves before it happened, the two victors saw the mess they made and truimphed over it. "Not bad, acolyte." The warrior commented, lowering his weapon. "Thanks." Judi said, exhausting from using his power like that. It was his first time actually able to use his power like that.

The warrior looked at the remains and saw the remaining pieces of Judi's electroblade. "It seems your sword is out of commission." He said, kicking it out of the mess to show. "I just got that too. The overseer will not be pleased." Judi said, mentally kicking himself for using his only weapon as a rod.

The neutral-faced warrior looked at Judi for a moment before pulling his own electroblade from his belt. "Here take this, I don't need it." He said, holding it out for Judi. Cautious at first, he took it nonetheless. "Thanks." He said with a smirk. "You earned it, any other acolyte would have been eaten. Luckily for us, we are not." The Warrior said before heading to the explosives' console.

"Now to finish this." He said, tapping in the commands. Finishing, he head out. Judi followed behind and soon enough the tomb shook as the explosives engulfed the chambers and caved it in.

Walking towards the Sargeant, who looked nervous at the sight of the warrior, "I-I see you met a new friend." He said with a nervous smirk.

Not at all entertained, the warrior lifted a gloved hand. The sargeant gripped at his throat as he choked. Gasping for air, he was clawing at a invisible hand around his neck. "Please let me go." He begged.

The warrior continued his walk till he was a few meters away from the sargeant. Judi just watched to see the reason of his fury. "You thought I would die easy enough to send a acolyte to finish my work?" The warrior asked, lessening his grip on the condemned soldier to allow him to speak. "I-I'm sorry, my lord. I-I didn't..." Cormun choked but the warrior tightened his grip again. "I better be lucky that this one was more capable than another would be or I would end you right now." The warrior said before releasing his grip entirely.

Dropping to his knees, the soldier hacked and coughed as he try to refuel his lungs with air. "Next time, have absolute faith in a Sith warrior." The warrior warned before turning to Judi.

Actually looking at him, Judi could see the warrior's right eye was a mechanical one, crossed over by a scar, his face was hardened from whatever training he recieved, and he had a certain presence to him, it was like a whirlwind of rapid wolves, protecting its calm eye, daring you to enter.

Judi found it intriguing. "You have done a job's well-done, acolyte. Make sure you stay long enough so we can meet again." The warrior said with a dry chuckle before leaving.

Watching him go for a while, Judi noticed a tall man in a purple suit of robes and armor, his ginger hair cut in a civilian fashion, which Judi found strange for a Sith, and his gloves were discolored from examining a dead slug on his workbench.

The Sith greeted Judi with a courteous bow, to which Judi did as well in respect. "Greetings, young one. I am Sith Inquisitor Gesen," he introduced himself with a raspy voice, "I have watched you infiltrate into the slug eggchamber and I must personally say I am impressed with your innate use of the power of Sith lightning. Never have I seen a newcomer such as yourself use the power so naturally."

"Thank you, my lord." Judi said humbly, "I know some pratical use of the Force due to my master, who taught me to use to serve him, nothing compared to a true Sith however."

Gesen smiled, his yellow-orange eyes gleaming with a unknown purpose, "Soon that will pass, dear Acolyte. I sense the Force is strong within you and I find you worthy to be a short-term student of mine. I will teach how to properly use the power of Force lightning."

His eyes widen with surprise at this, Judi bowed graciously, "I would be honored to be taught under you."
Gesen smiled, "Good. Let us begin quickly, I sense you have somewhere to be soon. I will teach you the somewhat more advanced foundamentals of the technique since you already know how to make little bursts of your power."
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."

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06.18.2012 , 09:13 PM | #4
The Trial of Blood

After a hour of training, using the occassional slugs as targets, Judi stood infront of his trainer, breathing hard from using the Force constantly. Piles of fried slugs were at his side and Gesen stood close behind, arms crossed, his face full of concentration.

He couldn't believe the acolyte's progress, to conjure lightning itself is a utterly difficult and takes time to control, but he made it look like child's play. Inhaling, he expended his hand at a screaming slug, and with a mental outburst of his emotions, Judi released a ravaneous web of electric tendrils from his fingertips, striking it hard enough to throw it off its little legs and slam into the far wall, kiling it on contact.

Exhaling, Judi looked at his work, and looked back at Gesen. "You have quite the skill, acolyte." He commented. Looking outward, Gesen smirked, "I will go far." Frowning, he thrown his hand out, and prompted Judi to leave, "Begone. I will not have my teachings wasted on a dead man...and on your way, be sure to clean the thief problem."

Realizing the Inquisitor was right, Judi quickly left to venture deeper into the tomb. There weren't much slugs, but there was shifty men and womans working on different jobs until a uneasy feeling crept into his being.

Turning around, he found one of the workers pointing his blaster at him. Enraged by this, Judi thrown his hand out, shooting out a shock of lightning into the fool's chest, throwing him off his feet, spasming on the floor violently.

Snarling, he felt the Force around him warning him of the trap. Spinning around, he found more of the ambushers trying to make moves to kill him. The idiots didn't know that he knew more than he let on despite his weak appearance.

One of the tomb robbers fired his pistol but Judi sidestepped it as if it was a slow-moving water balloon. Scolding, he concentrated on his fury and hate, before throwing a hand out. Using the Force to lift a heavy set of crates, he watched as the thieves hurried to fire or run, and he thrown the projectile hard and fast.

Every crate hit something with the force of speeders, crushing bone, metal, and flesh. By the end of his barrage, most of the thieves in the room were killed, everyone else were in disarray, unsure of what to do.

However before he could decide on their fate, a squad of Imperial soldiers marched in, their armor colored as red as the Korriban sands and scratched up from their skirmishes with the slugs, and began gunning down the remnants.
When the last was killed, one of the troopers stood before Judi and saluted, "Corperal Kimmae, area cleared sir. The sargeant wanted us to make sure your passage was secure."

Nodding in thanks, Judi didn't say a word, and left. His anger was too present to speak but he focused his rage to something more productive, saving it for another time.

His body was exhausted but the Force kept his body moving. Entering a large room, he saw at least six others performing training of some kind or meditating, dressed in similar robes as the one who bumped him earlier-personally he hoped the arrogant bantha was in their midst- and further ahead, up a flight of stairs was a solitary figure meditating before a destroyed stone coffin.

Walking, Judi felt the others' eyes carefully on him, but he kept moving forward, eyes on his target. Approaching, he found the figure to be cloaked under a ragged brown robe, a typical utility belt around his waist, and hanging from it was a archaic-looking lightsaber.

The moment his boot touched the final step, the figure spoke with a old, tired voice, "Slave, welcome to my humble home. You are here for your trial, yes?"

Getting up, the figure turned for Judi to behold the old face underneath the hood, while the upper part of his face was shadowed under his hood, his graying brown beard and mustache somewhat groomed but still bared youth in contrast to the wrinkled face of the Sith, "Learn the ways of the sith from a doddering old man in a tomb. And hopefully to return to your master with the mark of my approval."

"Yes, my lord. That's right." Judi confirmed and Spindrall replied dryly, "Of course it is. I know the way of things on the surface. But before I answer either way-you must passs a trial of blood. Survive, and I will teach you what I know."

Bowing slightly, Judi turned and walked back down the stair, already knowing what this trial is, besides...he was immediately ignored by Spindrall as he turned back to his prayer before the crushed tomb.

Instantly the feeling of being watched intensified and the Force around Judi thickened with agression, stopping in the middle of the room, the other robed students encircled and trap him in a circle.

Judi was not afraid, he feared only failure. Then one of the cloaked figures approached him, his face shadowed except for the ghastly sown lips of the challenger. Drawing his electroblade, the robed man lunged at Judi. Finally seeing the moment of releasing his power, Judi unleashed a torrent of Force lightning onto the lunging agressor, completely throwing him through the air and slam into the wall.

Another moved to, no doubt, release his own lightning, but Judi was quick on his hands and feet. Sprinting to the side to avoid the incoming lightning as it struck another, Judi unleashed a jolt of lightning that paralyzed the surprised attacker. Two other joined in the fray, one swinging his blade and the other shooting lightning from his hand.

Acting quick, Judi blocked and redirected the incoming sword to move his attacker's body infront of him to take the blunt of the lightning, but it still coursed into him.

Grimacing in pain, Judi's eyes squinted as he concentrated on looking at the pained student before him. This lightning was weak compared to the displinary punishment of his master. Spit ran out of the corner of his mouth as he convert his pain to a power conduit, Judi pushed his opponent back and unleashed a torrent of lightning onto him.
Screaming, the acolyte was thrown into the path of his fellow's lightning, who didn't let up either, but it didn't last long.

All of the anger of Judi overpowered whatever passions that fueled his opponent, and his lightning struck down both of his opponents.

Fatigue starting to take him, Judi clenched his hand into a fist, and as the Force started to leave him, he sensed another presence. Turning his head, he was struck across his face by a electrosword.

Snarling, he felt hot blood running down his face, and in a rage, he quickly returned his attention to his attacker. Catching the blunt blade this time, electricity ran in his body, but it was nothing to him. All pain was gone and with a somewhat savage snarl, he unleashed his dark energies through the blade and into its wielder.

Screaming in agony, the acolyte couldn't release his blade, his joints locked up. Throwing the blade aside, Judi swung his own sword hard across the acolyte's throat, breaking the bone within out of place. Gurgling, the acolyte dropped dead.

One last acolyte lunged through the air to struck Judi from behind. Clenching his hand into a fist, Judi spun around, and punched, using the Force to throw out a invisible fist of compressed energy, striking him square in the chest, and slammed him above the door.

Stuck in a litter crater, the acolyte gasped with caved-in ribs, and dropped hard to the floor dead.

Exhaling, abit afraid to let go of his connection of the Force, Judi walked wobbly back to Spindrall, and stood weaklybefore the Sith lord.

"Excellent," Spindrall said dryly, obviously not impressed by the duel, but his voice had somewhat more vitality to it, "These formal acolytes wanted nothing more than to earn their second chance for glory by killing you and taking your place."

Getting up and turning to the weakened Judi, he continued looking indifferent, "But your desire proved stronger, and their blood became the mantle of your victory. Well done-but you are not Sith yet." Spindrall said, a grim smirk on his face, then the air changed around him, giving Judi more energy than before.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, power. Thorugh power, vicory. Through victory, my chains are broken." The wizened Sith said, his voice more passionate and lively than before now, pacing and looking like a true teacher.

"This is the Sith Code. Commit to your hear, and you will have the strength to crush your enemies. Do you understand?" Spindrall asked with a dark tone under his dry voice, lifting his head to reveal cold gray eyes staring to Judi's very soul.

"Yes, I think I do. I must ude my emotions to grow strong." Judi said tiringly. Spindrall however responded to this answer with a soft scorn, "Do not be timid. Humility is the attitude of a slave, not a Sith. But soon, I will strike it out of you. For now get some rest, you are weak, and I do not train weaklings. I weed them out."

With that he waved his hand, Judi was dismissed for now. Judi's training under the so-called lunatic about to begin.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."

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06.22.2012 , 05:00 PM | #5
Awesome posts. I really like how you're describing the story. It was interesting to see the Sith Warrior in action as well. There are a few grammar errors, though, and some words replaced by *****. Overall, this was enjoyable to read, though.

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06.23.2012 , 12:40 AM | #6
Thank you very much, don't remember having those **** posted before.
"The Jedi is the chains of the soul as the Sith is the poison of the body, I am...just another unfornatune of both ideals."

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06.23.2012 , 12:05 PM | #7
Amazing fanfic, it inspired me to try to write my old fanfic again. Great Work, I don't think I'll ever be this good...
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06.26.2012 , 09:31 PM | #8
Thank you for the compliments, it means alot. Excuse my tardiness, trying to organize things and finish Judi's first lesson in the academy.

For now, here is a current event section for now.

As he started to recall his first lesson as Sith under the prophet Spindrall, Darth Nox suddenly felt a unexpected tremor through the Force, breaking him out of concentration. Opening his eyes, he found his chamber cleaned and once more empty with the expection of his constant bodyguard, Khem Val.

"Did you feel that?" Zash's eerie voice asked from behind him. Despite her severe limitation in Khem's body, the trapped Sith Lord still felt the disturbance. "Yes..." Nox said, pausing as he felt through the Force, trying to understand the origins, "I did have no doubt caught the attention of the rest of the Council."

As if practiced, one of Nox's servants, a Imperial communications officer rushed towards him. "My lord, Darth Mortis calls for you." He said with a fearful look on his young face. "Very well, officer. You may go." Nox said with a dismissive wave of his hand. The Imperial bowed before leaving more calmly.

Nox walked away from the center of the room and, using the Force, activated the central hologram to bring the holographic form of the aged Darth Mortis before him, dressed in his armored robes, hands behind his back, but despite his aristocratic stance and appearance, his eyes burned with the Dark Side, and the Force vibrated at his presence.

"Lord Mortis." Nox said, respectably bowing to his senior, "You have sensed it as well." "Of course, no doubt every Sith and Jedi in the galaxy felt it. Something of great importance have just occured. It is hard to see...something strong in the Force is blocking any of our view and that means something threatens the Empire." Darth Mortis, his voice trying to hide the concern, but Nox could see past it, the Sith Lord was scared of who it is.

"Must I dispatch the Intelligence, as well as my agents, to discover what is causing this disturbance?" Nox asked. Mortis looked at him before softening his intense expression, "The other members of the Dark Council is utilizing as the neccesary resources to discover of this disturbance, but I am sure you are just as capable of finding useful information."

"Of course." Nox said, half-jokingly. "I will contact you when something comes up." Mortis said with a nod before ending transmission.

"Do you believe it have to do with the Jedi, my Lord?" Khem asked. Rubbing his mask's chin, Nox answered, still looking where Mortis still stood, "Not quite. I am sure they are as confused of this disturbance as we are, I believe there is another force out there."

Chuckling to himself, Nox put his hands behind his back, "Good."

"My Lord?" Khem questioned.

"I can finally test my power upon a new enemy." Nox said, his voice hinted with amusement."Contact Ashara and tell her to meet me on Korriban, I will await Xalek and we will go visit a old mentor."
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10.21.2012 , 02:55 PM | #9
I love it! Please keep writing fast cause I love it!