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Missing Element in PVP

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Missing Element in PVP

BlackSpin's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 08:10 PM | #21
I think it's a great idea... this game really needs a persistent warzone. Illum failed. I watched a Youtube clip of Gabe Ametangelo (sp?) saying they were working on redoing it.

The only problem that this bring up is faction imbalance.

Does anyone remember the 20-24 persistent battleground in DAoC, Thidranki? I would create toons and keep them at level 24, just so I could play it. That was a lot of fun. A persistent warzone with 3 teams. You can zone in and affect the balance/outcome of your team at any time; and earn valor based on your participation (kills / obj points.)

Perhaps they can create a cover story; about how imp/rep are training for an unknown threat together... idk.

*Edit - Ooooo, Just thought of this. They could tie it in with a joint Operation that has the same layout as the persistent warzone, so the story would be legit.

FallenGuardians's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 08:56 PM | #22
i like that idea! like you said that could eliminate the class imbalance issue of pvp

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10.19.2012 , 09:43 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by FallenGuardians View Post
i like that idea! like you said that could eliminate the class imbalance issue of pvp
Well, world pvp, in almost any MMO, tends to favor range, as it is "blob" warfare and any melee that dares go in to their range gets nuked since rangers don't have a "close range" penalty. Anyway, I still would love it and I would still jump my Juggy in to the blob just for the heck of it.
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