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Unavailable Enhancements

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Unavailable Enhancements

SgtKlavier's Avatar

10.19.2012 , 07:46 AM | #1
I am curious about a set of enhancements, signified by the title immunity and sturdiness. They are tanking enhancements with low endurance, but a high allocation of shield and a defense stat (either defense or absorb). They would be the ideal mitigation enhancements; however, they only seem to be available in the rakata level variant as drops from hard mode EV and KP. This one is about equal to the next best level 63 enhancement except with respect to endurance (51,33 vs. 60,24 for shield,def), so the 26 or 27 versions would definitely be the better choice. However, these enhancements don't exist in gear, despite being listed as actual items on askmrrobot. Does anyone have any information on why they stop at the rakata level and if they will ever be available at a higher tier?