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Darkness build 1.4 - thrashing blades vs. swelling shadows

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Darkness build 1.4 - thrashing blades vs. swelling shadows

Jerminatorreese's Avatar

10.17.2012 , 01:02 AM | #1
hi guys. Quick question about my assassin tank build:
*this is primarily PvE build, yet i tend to do my PvPing in this build as well

Im trying to figure out if its worth having 2 points in Thrashing blades (increases the damage dealt by thrash and lacerate) or if i should put the 2 points into Swelling Shadows (increases chance of dark proc by 15%). That extra 15% proc could save me in a fight but i tend to use thrash often enough in hopes for the shock, which in return will give me extra 9% crit chance with thrash again. I really only tend to use thrash in PvP or if i need to dps down a target while tanking in PvE. Typically when tanking in PvE, my rotation is shock, wither, discharge, shock, recklessness+force lightening, rinse and repeat. For a tanking perspective only, is the extra percent chance to heal myself more important than the extra damage from thrash?

While on the subject, if i just point the 2 points into Electric Execution (increase damage of light saber charge), will it increase the amount i heal myself for when dark charge procs?

Thanks for reading

MasterFeign's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 07:27 PM | #2
Assuming your shock is around 2500 damange (if you're a proper tank spec with tank gear) that's only an increase of 150 damage, and not wholly worth it for both pve and pvp.

I use swelling shadows instead as I'd prefer a higher darkness proc rate of heals. Those heals I get from the procs amounts to something around 400+ health which can make a slight difference in tight corners.