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Pure Lore: the SWTOR Encyclopedia

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Pure Lore: the SWTOR Encyclopedia

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10.17.2012 , 03:37 PM | #1
Posting this discussion in Story and Lore as this weighty, 350-page tome is one undiluted jumbo-sized serving of story and lore of the game setting, and in the Spoilers subforum because it is full of spoilers, particularly of the class story arcs. Interesting, while companion characters are profiled. their stories as revealed through getting to know them in game are not spoiled which I rather appreciate.

There is an in-depth review of the SWTOR Encyclopedia up on DH today for those unfamiliar with the book. What I'd like to do here is spark a discussion with others who have the book and are reading through it. What have you liked best? What's missing for you? And so on.

For me, what I liked best was finally having a start date for the game: 3640 BBY. This, along with other dates given, finally allows me to figure out how much of the war my characters may remember (the Treaty of Coruscant was signed 13 years ago, for example) and backstory considerations. While I do create my own "head-canon" for my characters, it is very useful to have this well-plotted backdrop against which to do that.

What I found lacking were a few things that felt like they should have been covered but weren't. Corellia is all about the transgalactic mega-corporations that have headquarters there, but there was no chapter on coporate interests. I'd have liked to see a profile on Czerka, as they turn up all over the place in this game. The Underworld does get thorough coverage (though pretty one-sidedly, imo a look at illegal enterprises from a sympathetic view can provide greater depth. At risk of going off topic, I'll recommend Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos novels as making superb use of this).

On the upside, the book has a good table of contents and, thank the Maker, a comprehensive index. In feel, it is like an RPG sourcebook without any actual game rules - all fluff, no crunch. That is not a bad thing to me. It's what I was hoping for and this book delivers.