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[Empire]Apollynai needs you

Murahjazz's Avatar

10.14.2012 , 07:34 PM | #1
Hi guys and girls,
I am Marlia of Apollynai.

Apollynai is one of the longest standing guilds on this server, We have had a great and fun little community going with social laughs on TS and all HM content cleared (Before terror came out). We invited just social members and completely brand new people to the guild often with success but there is always one who leaves
Recently we have had some troubles , Core raiding members and guild leader have moved on to other games due to swtor not living upto expectations for them.

Our guild is still alive on the brink of collapse (which no one wants to see) without Your help!

We need friendly and easygoing people to join and bring our guild back to its former glory.
In the next few weeks we hope to achieve:

Raiding once more , gearing people up to get on with new content.

Daily FP/Quest groups - It goes faster as a team

And while apollynai was never really PVP orientated more and more players have been interested in doing pvp therefore something can be done there.

People we want:
Raiders looking for a home, All classes are welcomed but we need at least 1 healer and 1 tank(although some members might sort alts out for this purpose alone)

Social players, Always have been welcomed in our guild feel free to chill out or ask for help if those pesky reps are ganking you.

Casual players, You may not be on all that often but your welcome still.

New players, We realise a new MMO is nothing without a guild and have always been on hand to answer new player's questions or lend a hand when needed.

So there you are, a long post but we need you

Feel free to either send a message or mail to me in game on either Marlium/Marlia
or check out our website

Many thanks
TLDR: We are looking for members, but you should read the post

Kyemin's Avatar

10.15.2012 , 02:43 PM | #2
I know some will crucify me for this but...

Have you noticed that there is a specific server group forum dedicated to recruitment?!

Get's messy with everything out of the place, specially if there aren't any forum moderators concerned with organizing this stuff and put it in the right place.

Kyemin Jäguar Xräy Rögue Predätor Sävage
Maziac Mäcloud Smöke Rëd

Ushuma-Orbi's Avatar

10.17.2012 , 11:08 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyemin View Post
I know some will crucify me for this but...

Have you noticed that there is a specific server group forum dedicated to recruitment?!
Yeah probably me, but you're right. Still I'm torn because you have a valid point, but, in the other hand, a fellow comrade is asking for help.

So, here's a free bump

If you need help with any Ops you can count with my guild (Invictus Tenebrae), or, if I can (or my guild) do something for you gals & guys, you have my (our) support and help, for anything you need.

I hope and wish everything goes better.

Kind regards.
Ushuma Orbi
Invictus Tenebrae