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Crystal help?

M_A_White's Avatar

10.13.2012 , 07:44 AM | #1
Hey. I'm not even sure if this is where this thread should go. Picked this spot because I'm on Dalborra and it'd be a bit silly to make the shout out to all servers xD

Are there any artificers on Dalborra that can craft Advanced Orange Eviscerating Crystals (+41 crit)? I need 2 of them. Not the Black-Orange. ICK! Just plain Orange. If anyone can help me out with this, I have the mats. Can be contacted on character Cyandrah in-game.


EDIT: Cyandrah = Republic. Carnaj = Sith. Contactable on either, though if contacting me through my Sith, i'll need to transfer the mats over

Raekor's Avatar

10.15.2012 , 09:01 PM | #2
If you email Michelle on Republic side I can check you for you. Otherwise when I go home in 7 hours (then wait for maintenance to finish) I will probably forget. I don't play that character very often so don't know what recipes I have off the top of my head.

M_A_White's Avatar

10.17.2012 , 01:01 AM | #3
OK it's all sorted now. Thanks to those that offered to help me out
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