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Evolution in the devolution

Shaalendar's Avatar

10.16.2012 , 10:32 PM | #1

Ok...i guess i am here to complain. My great 1st!

I will do so by asking a question; how come a patch (that is mean to repair, improve) just do the exact opposite of ameliorating the game?

Seem to me that every patch bring a small bundle of new problems, even to the point of breaking the game. Example; a few week back, many class quests where broken (was on Inquisitor at this time, but i do remember other peoples talking the same with other class).
Another is today; unable to loot anything, crafting quests not giving anything, skills and ability not working for anyone. Or a few days back...when every servers crashed (or so i told myself anyway) for a while (?). The fact that for once i add enough time to do a operation is not even in consideration, even if i was mildly...p..ed.

Sometimes, it's just ''small'' things like trade network down, graphic getting weird when it was fine before (taxi being invisible in some place), game running worst then before (when the pc would run anything).

And pretty sure, i could go on and on.

So...what the hell?
Do we need to fear every time they put a patch on?
What will it be when it goes free to play when the game is not even properly working most of the time when it's NOT free to play???

Now, i' am trowed a ''Stay! We will give you cartel money if you pay until we go free!!''
Should i really continue to pay just for those cartel coin they are talking about, just in case it's worth anything? (Because yes...they don't say a date..they say ''fall''...anywhere between a month and five, when they begin announcing it).
And they didn't give the worth of those coins either...

If i stop subscription before that mystic date: too bad, no bonus because you need to ''be on'' when it's happening! Talk about illusionary carrot!

All in all... i can say i am disappointed by the quality and the stability.

I am not complaining about the content (i know the game will grow if given time), i am not moaning about class being Nerfed or inegal or whatever.

I am complaining about the fact that the basics are getting worst then when i first begin to play.

I Do think i will just stop paying, and this here, was my 1 cent before going.