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Every hero deserves an entrance

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Every hero deserves an entrance

CNS_Sarajevo's Avatar

10.16.2012 , 04:29 PM | #1
Darth Vader had one of the greatest movie entrances of all time, if not the greatest. If your character could have a dynamite entrance in the next chapter, what would it look like?

My main character's an Imperial agent, so I'm thinking of a cross between the scene when the Falcon hid on the Star Destroyer in TESB, and the opening of True Lies. The camera pans across a luxury liner in space, where a gala party is under way. The camera moves down through the engine spaces, through the cargo hold, comes out the lower hull, and we see the agent's ship attached to the hull. The agent is in a space suit, about to sneak his way into the ship by hacking an airlock...

Tatile's Avatar

10.16.2012 , 04:41 PM | #2
Captain Gorse, standing in front of the wide, floor-to-ceiling windows on the bridge of The Supreme Deliverance.

Lt. R. Windthorpe: Sir, what are you looking at?
Captain: Bloody nothing. It's space.
Lt.: You just want to look like you're doing something.
Captain: Arm the torpedoes and bring out the whiskey, might as well watch some explosions while we wait.
Lt: ...very well, sir.

Or, more realistically if my Agent were a field Agent: he'd be slicing a holo-terminal with data flying every which-way over the screen, pause as he comes to a new layer of security. He'd nod, bend down and retrieve a cybernetic from the person at his feet, ignoring their silent pleads for an end to their slow, suffering death.