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Hey Bioware, fix your game and return to 1.3. Proof they broke the game.

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Hey Bioware, fix your game and return to 1.3. Proof they broke the game.

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10.16.2012 , 12:27 AM | #1
Like seriously.. ever since this 1.4 patch I've done nothing but collect different graphical issues that have proven that Bioware has broken this game.

I'm running 2 GTX580's in SLI

Here are just a few,

Check above the Assassins name.

Look above TFB and look at the artifact. And also, what the heck is up with my raid frames GLOWING? New feature? I think not.

Can you say lines anyone?

Umm okay? How could you miss this Bioware?

Remember when I said line? I was kidding, this is what I meant..

Aside from the graphical issues,
I've had numerous times I couldn't login to my character,
I've had numerous crashes,
UI staying up over loading screen and more numerous issues to count!

This thread shows, leaked information on the updates to come.

NOW, if we look at it properly on how many times Bioware has done something completely retarded like deleting the Black Hole area in a patch I'm starting to wonder if THIS CONTENT has been completed in a previous version and they don't actually PATCH the game but they RE-ROLL to a previous version to where all these new issues arise. The reason the issue arise is because the content was already done to begin with. So Bioware has to come back through and re-edit the coding to add the content seperately in more spurts of patches.

Bioware makes all content,
Bioware announces Free2Play
Bioware cuts content into seperate patches to space through out the year
Bioware causes problems because they are cutting code that should have been released.
Bioware causes game to become broken because of the cutting of the code and inproper testing.
Bioware releases a patch that was previously made months ago.

This is just retarded Bioware.
Fix your game its broken more and more by the day.
I'm scared to see what 1.5 has in store.
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10.16.2012 , 01:02 AM | #2
Imagine what will happen with an expansion...

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10.16.2012 , 01:07 PM | #3
They can't return to 1.3, that would introduce even more issues. What do you expect to happen when all the new stuff just disappears? Characters stranded in instances that don't exist, wearing gear that doesn't exist, etc. Really constructive post </sarcasm>