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Euphoria is Recruiting (come to the dark side)

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Euphoria is Recruiting (come to the dark side)

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10.14.2012 , 09:08 PM | #1

Players we cater for: we cater for members with kids, full time players/raiders, and MMO Veterans

In-game Contatcts: ask any member from the guild to see if an officer is online and they will get in contact for a chat

Recruiting (Yes/No): Yes

Currently Recruiting (Classes/Roles/Levels):
Any LVL 40+players, looking for current LVL 50 Raiders

About Us/Description/Info (Brief):
Looking for any mature players 18+ who like having fun and wanting to be apart of building a solid raiding guild. We are very social (no matter what the subject of conversation is) and very helpful in game and out of game. We encourage players to ask question no matter how difficult or silly you think it is chances are one of us have already asked the question before =). You will find that for the small size of our guild we have alot of active players so there will be atleast a few members online for almost every hour of the day.
Lord Adergo The Throne Breaker (assassin tank LVL50), Lord Sythans (MDPS LvL 50) - Euphoria - Officer - Dalborra