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Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated is on Public Test Server!

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Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated is on Public Test Server!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

jgoldsack's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 12:40 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Meglivorn View Post
I can hardly wait
To the complainers: this is the first bunch of the patchnotes. Quite possible that it'll expand later, or if not, the patch will be go live sooner than 1.4 did.
Please note: I am not complaining. I am simply inquiring as to where the new warzone is. In all honesty, if it was going up on the PTS, then most of the work is already done, and they just want to test the new stuff. So the fact that it is not listed, means that most likely it is not included.
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10.11.2012 , 12:40 PM | #12
**** ***!~~ You have got to be kidding. No warzone even now! This is the most fantastic team of devs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
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Ansalem's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 12:43 PM | #13
So let me get this right...bioware still hasnt learned from their mistakes with PTR and once again is not allowing char transfers/updates? do they expect to really test these updates on PTR when they have such limited access? I mean TFB turned out to be a joke from beyond. I guess thats what happens when only a couple 16m guilds are there along with some 8 mans to test stuff out. And apparently the 16 man guilds that are on PTR have low dps because the bosses have way less hps than they should and the fights are too easy. Wake up bioware let more guilds copy chars over so we can get some solid testing in and not end up with another buggy as hell patch!

Shwarzchild's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 12:47 PM | #14
HK in 1.5 makes me happy. Section X makes me happy. I'm not on nightmare mode yet but that sounds cool too. Three things I think should make a few people happy. I'm a little amazed at the announcement already though. I guess six week intervals really can happen?

Muwarr's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 12:56 PM | #15
What type of area is the new Belsavis thing?

Shwarzchild's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 01:00 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Muwarr View Post
What type of area is the new Belsavis thing?
I would assume it's a daily area like the black hole.

Glzmo's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 01:14 PM | #17
While I wait for the PTS client to finish updating, there is only one question on my mind:

Are Chat Bubbles in Game Update 1.5? If yes, it's totally awesome and I can't wait to test it.

If no, why not and in which update can we finally expect them to be added? It's about time.

ufarax's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 01:24 PM | #18
Please fix 1.4. Could you guys do one thing at a time.

KurganNazzir's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 01:28 PM | #19
I'm just happy that this update will have something new for me to do (Section X), even if it'll take an hour or less per character.

I am curious about the transport wreckage name, "wreck of an Imperial transport ship, The Fatality, in Section X". The Fatality is a wrecked ship on Hoth that is tied to HK-51 already so are we really going to have two ships tied to HK-51 with the same name?

Wolfninjajedi's Avatar

10.11.2012 , 01:30 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by ufarax View Post
Please fix 1.4. Could you guys do one thing at a time.
Again, you assume that they can't still fix things while having a new patch on the PTS? Though am rather surprised they put HK-51 on the PTS, figured they would wait to put him on live so no one has a headstart.
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