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this is how much i hate corso riggs!

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this is how much i hate corso riggs!

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04.05.2012 , 01:26 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by teambff View Post
you are correct, suprisingly he can take a pretty good amount of damage. i was kinda shocked. haha. i geared him up with cybertech parts (from another char.) and he wasn't that bad (well, not as bad as i expected). but he basically does no damage and his heals are fairly standard. but with pugnacity skilled, it's heal plus his heals made for a pretty easy ride with no downtime.

he's still pretty worthless but i did get a good laugh out of the whole thing, cocky corso riggs sitting on the ship while the ship bot is out fighting with me and doing pretty good for himself.
Look I use Corso to farm Elites in Hard mode areas. That crappy bot could never pull that off.

I can solo most stuff others can not for the reason that I can heal Corso through any Elite.

I farm Champion Elites 3 levels below me all the time by myself with Corso as tank.

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10.09.2012 , 08:02 AM | #32
You're totally right, When I got him, He seemed like an cool companion, But later in the game, When he says his quote: Now you're dumb, ugly and dead. It was funny at first but if he says it now, I just want to punch him in the face so bad.

Sry and no offence if you like this Compainion.

I can't wait for my Chewbecca companion. Then I will totally feel like Han Solo.

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10.10.2012 , 09:50 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Nathanol View Post
I can't wait for my Chewbecca companion. Then I will totally feel like Han Solo.
then you'll cry, cause when you get him, Corso will still be the superior tank.
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10.27.2013 , 02:17 AM | #34
Well when it comes to women poor corso has no defenses it seems (least in early game), but like somone said i'm in the driver's seat and i call the shots, or in this particular case fire them. Sorry corso, i belive in equal rights for women when it comes to capital punishment

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10.27.2013 , 02:23 AM | #35
I grew tired of corso, so I replaced him with risha. Not a tank, but it will be more fun with her dps and me as healer.
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11.27.2013 , 12:13 AM | #36
Well, it depends on the role of my character i guess, not healer or dps role, i mean my character place in the galaxy, if my character is a lightside do-gooder, then Corso is great to have around, but if you are the type that picks the moral choices that fit you personally, then sure there might be times when your shields will scrape together, but ultimately, i tend to use the ewok companion for all characters, because it does good tanking and good the same time, when that she gets nerfed is when i never use it again.

It is a pity that they designed the combat and companion systems to be like the trinity system, solo or, using a healer companion will net you more up-time, while using other companions that tank or dps will have higher downtime unless you are the healer, which ultimately means that they favour the tank/healer combo, over dps/dps.

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12.11.2013 , 06:33 AM | #37
I can't stand him either. I guess he's capable in combat, but I hate his dialogue.

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12.11.2013 , 02:51 PM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by silvershadows View Post
Torian Cadera is everything I've ever really wanted (irl, even). Period. Especially when he tells me he'll kill anyone I tell him to.... and he's voiced by Vash the Stampede.
Well time to roll that class and never look back because Vash <3
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12.11.2013 , 03:19 PM | #39
I think what's been bothering me most is the disconnect between his voice actor / personality and his in-game appearance. He's written/voiced like a chivalrous southern rogue archetype, but his character model looks like someone who's attended one too many Bonnaroo. Not the kind of Wookie I was expecting from a smuggler story line.

Of course, you can fix this via customization (which I did). I like to think I made him get a haircut before allowing him to tag along.

If only they'd match the thumb pictures to customizations.

kimdante's Avatar

12.11.2013 , 04:47 PM | #40
I don't mind Corso. He is a great wing man to my dapper male Smuggler. He ALWAYS approves when I flirt with the ladies. Plus he's a solid tank.