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World Boss Hunt - Thursday - Starting with SD-0

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World Boss Hunt - Thursday - Starting with SD-0

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10.10.2012 , 07:42 AM | #1
Hi guys,

To make sure all of our guild members have enough fun, Bane of The Empire is currently working on many events for sub-50 players. One of those events will be a public one (all welcome to join) and we will try to have a at least one per month (we did last one in the end of August, was pretty fun).

So tomorrow (Thursday, October 11th), at 7pm CST, we will be joining interested players in a World Boss Hunt. The idea is to start at Coruscant to give level 10+ guys a chance to participate, and from there we will hit who ever WB the majority chooses.

More information and pre-signup (important because if tomorrow is not a good day we can try in the weekend) is available in Bane of The Empire's Forum.

In the end we will have prizes so that everyone gets a chance of getting something good out of the event. Just stay until the end =).

Visit the forum or PM us ingame (Biggoat or Braeskidu) to join. Signup is helpful but not necessary.

* After the event level 50 members will join ranked warzones groups, as per discussions in this forum.

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B a n e of The Empire
@ B e g e r e n Colony US
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