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10.08.2012 , 11:24 PM | #1
Hi everyone

Okay so there's been heaps of drama with PvP and queueing and whatnot, so here's a thread to try and help get it going again!

There's been a lot of ideas bandied around, including PvP nights for ranked, and solo queue only normal PvP to help stop pre-mades ruining it for others, so what are your thoughts?

I'm personally a big fan of solo queueing. It dissolves any guild tension that might exist and helps create a much more fun atmosphere.

Ranked though seems to be a different kettle of fish. Unfortunately with Biowares stupid system of requiring a group to queue into ranked games, it limits the fun that low pop servers can have. A certain night of the week where both sides can queue for ranked games I feel would be a good solution. Previously this has been done where Imps don't queue same night as Reps which very clearly hasn't worked. We need more spice so I say get as many people queueing as once.

What I am not in favour of though is deliberate sandbagging or medal farming. Yes I am aware there is a gear gap between players in some cases, however I believe we can do more to vary the teams we queue rather than just asking people to not kill people. If we have teams with more variety, these issues will not be as pronounced. For example, rather than throwing 4 geared scoundrels in against a team of squishy melee dps, break the teams up and share the OPness around. Create a challenge rather than dumbing it down.

So here's the thread, open for discussion, dicuss away