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Selling Adv. Reflex & Skill 26 Barrels

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Selling Adv. Reflex & Skill 26 Barrels

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10.08.2012 , 03:35 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by dinwitt View Post
Its greedy, exploitative, and short sighted business; great for making a quick buck before other people know the schematic but terrible for building relationships and reputation. And now there are plenty of people that know the schematics, including Cereal and me. I craft for free, just provide the mats and know that I'll keep any extras that are produced by crits.
Ah, but you don't provide any contact information...
And Cereal is imperial, which doesn't much help republic types.
And the ones on GTN, the very few there are, are going for well north of 1.6M
The ones with your name attached are 1.8+. And assuming you got them free with a crit, can you really make the claim someone else is being greedy?

Edit: Apparently you are one of the rare few who's main has the same name as your forum account.
So in a way, you did provide contact info, but only by doing some savvy investigation on the current GTN market prices was I able to find that out.