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Any Thoughts On Expansion Classes?

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Any Thoughts On Expansion Classes?

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10.07.2012 , 08:30 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Galandro View Post
You already can play Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Darths Vader though Maul, Boba Fett , Master Chief and James Bond.

But you can't play Leia or Padme. I think the next class they add should be a noble. Before people freak and think this is a gender argument, please don't. One of the common complaints I've heard about SWTOR is that players can't adopt the roles of many of the major character presented in the movies. This includes aliens and droids, who I'd also like to be able to play, but I rank Leia and Padme as more the important character types that feel missing from the game. I might even argue that Lando (aka Baron Calrissian) fits into a noble type better than the smuggler class.

I seem to recall there was noble class in one of the paper SWRPGs and I bet that could be a starting point. I could rattle off all sorts of ideas for a noble class. Leia is certainly ranged dps (next time you watch Star Wars, note that she's the best shot of the three leads), but I can see a force or tech based healing tree in there too.
A Leia or Padme class would basically be a scoundrel.

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10.07.2012 , 08:59 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by ShupFace View Post
I don't know how they would make these classes play different to the existing non-force using classes but you could have SIS for the Republic and Imperial Commando for the Empire and that would be a whole new storyline for each side...
This was exactly what I was thinking! I would also love to play as an Imperial Gun Runner (smuggler) and Republic Bounty Hunter. Implementing theses characters would not create any balancing issues since they would actually be identical to existing classes. It may decrease the ratio of force user players to non-force users adding to realism (I laughed when I typed that about scifi game). I'm also a big fan of adding more story options, but realistically I don't see them doing this in the near future.

I do think that a beast trainer and droid engineer are both possibilities for future class additions. You could be raising or building your companions rather than meeting them throughout the story. The big problem I could see would be that these classes would probably be heavily dependent on their companion for everything they do, which creates group PVP and PVE balancing issues. A creative solution may be for you to remotely control your companion during group content with a skill like (eye of the beast and optical slicing). CC's could function as they would on any other player.

side bar question: Does anyone know if disable droid works on companion droids such as T-7? I've never tried... but I think I'll give it a try tonight... that would be an open world PvP balancing issue.
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10.08.2012 , 12:32 AM | #33
Forgive me if my Class choices seem Imperial Biased.

Imperial Commando (Rifles/Cannons)

One thing they haven't let us play as is the soldiers of the Empire. As much as republic trooper is awesome I feel that giving Imperials something along those lines would be the best route to go. It would provide much more information through class story on the workings of the Imperial Military. From a game play standpoint, I figure it would employ similar abilities to a trooper but it wouldn't basically be a BH with Rifles and Cannons.

As for story, it would start out in a similar tone to the Republic Trooper story, an above average soldier being recruited to an elite squad. However the starter would be in an Imperial Military Academy where you're being trained, throughout you'd perform rigorous challenges and compete with fellow soldiers much as you did on Dromund Kaas in the great hunt. All culminating in something of a final Exam, which turns in to something much more. A Republic strike team sent to assault the academy, it turns you into a hero and a promotion to the Imperial equivalent of Havoc Squad.

Now for the basics of the class
In my head I envision a soldier archetype with abilities that support his allies though helpful buffs of a defensive or offensive nature, and the ability to weather damage without providing any genuine healing so i'd say we're looking at a Tank/DPS/Defensive Support AC and an offensive Support/DPS (Fitting more appropriately in to straight dps like snipers and marauders). Maybe Imperial Marine (DPS) and Imperial Shocktrooper (Tank).

Mandalorian Soldier (Rifles/MeleeWeapon)(Tank/DPS) Born and bred to be a Mandalorian you've spent your entire life among the warrior clans. This class would Employ a primarily DPS role with team buffs that emphasize offensive damage. The Mandalorians were known for a ruthless cunning in combat so this class would emphasize that on both sides of the AC.
Granted you already experience parts of Mandalorian culture via the BH story. But this would take you far more in to it than you've ever been before in any game prior. Not really certain what to call the ac's that wouldn't overlap with other classes. You'd likely have electrostaff or some kind of vibrosword as one AC's primary weapon and it would be a mostly melee class with some ranged specials either an inherent charge, or a pull. The other would focus on Rifles and maybe introducing a new weapon type, shotguns as a primary weapon. which could mean the class overall is a short ranged class with AOE abilities.

Republic Classes might be SIS and possibly some kind of Republic bounty hunter I guess? Republic warrant officer. :P

I'll elaborate more on these in another post at another time.

An alternative to that is maintaining the 8 classes they have now, and instead of making an entirely new class, provide at some point of the story, like at the end of chapter 1 or at the end of your starter planet. An opportunity to switch sides, Once you do you have an -entirely- new storyline to go through. Realistically however given how all classes s tart out, it only really seems feasible to work it in for a bh, a smuggler and a trooper (Who knows maybe he's been enlightened to the republic's misdeeds and no longer wants to represent them)

Option 2 is basically a glorified way to give both sides a new variety of weaponry choices while adding more story content.
However it is significantly less plausible for Jedi and Sith, unless the light side and darkside choices throughout your story genuinely affected how you sat in the Empire or republic and affected where you ended up.

Sorry for writing so much. Just happens.

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10.08.2012 , 07:04 AM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by spectreclees View Post
A Leia or Padme class would basically be a scoundrel.

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10.08.2012 , 10:57 AM | #35
I like this thread! It's fun to get away from the whining in the PvP forum once in a while. First off, an idea that stood out to me was that of having a pet class. Sure there are already companions, but it would create another dynamic to have an additional pet running around with a player + companion.

Second, things that I would like to see include more weapon choices based on the spec you run. So lets say, for instance, you create a droid class with just 1 AC, for simplicity. It consists of a tank tree, damage tree, and healing tree. In the tank tree, you use any non-lightsaber based melee-ranged weapon; in the damage tree, any 30m range weapon; and in the healing tree, a new group of mainhand short range weapons (10m) like scatterguns or some such. Maybe for the other AC you could mix up the distribution of these weapons, but have the three role trees covered similarly.

As a caveat to this discussion, it sure is fun to wish what could be done to this game, but I'm just hoping that it lives to fight another day. Hopefully if they make an expansion with new classes and such, they'll be innovative, allow for customization, and stay true to the story-driven style of play that has kept us around until now.
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10.08.2012 , 11:55 AM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by Misterlizard View Post
Well, the already-existing classes are based on archetypes from the movies and previous expanded universe. The bounty hunter is based off of Boba and Jango Fett, the Inquisitor baed of off Palpatine and Dooku, the smuggler based off Han Solo, etc...

To me, it seems like there aren't many archetypes left from the movies. But! There are some from Old Republic in general that Bioware hasn't used as a class yet, and that's the Mandalorians and the Echani.

The Mandalorians and the Echani are rivals - exact opposites - yet they share values of honor and individual prowess. The Mandos, as we know, are mostly Empire-aligned, and the Echani from KOTOR2 are more partial to the ideals of the Republic. The reemergence of the Echani, and the conflict between the Echani and the Mandolorians, would be a solid ground for an expansion.

They both show skill in close combat, and even unarmed combat, so I'm thinking they would be good melee classes )this would also allow the Mandolorian to be even more different from the bounty hunter class) Here's something along the lines of what I'm thinking, as far as class and subclasses go:

EMPIRE CLASS - Mandalorian Raider
subclass - Mandalorian Gladiator (tank/dps) - uses heavy armor and large melee weapons, like the axe Mandalore uses in KOTOR2.
subclass - Mandalorian Scout (dps/healer) - uses light armor and a vibrosword.

REPUBLIC CLASS - Echani Monk (look the Echani up on Wookiepedia to learn more about them!)
subclass - Echani Sun Guard (tank/dps) the mirror of the Mandolorian Gladiator; uses heavy armor and double-bladed vibroswords.
subclass - Echani Duelist (dps/healer) mirror of the Mandolorian Scout;; uses light armor and fist weapons (since the echani excel in unarmed combat so well)
I can actually see this happening, unlike some of the SWG esque ideas.
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10.10.2012 , 08:24 PM | #37
I don't know about you guys, but a noble sounds like fun. And also, I was thinking of the Gree. Now that would be awesome. I was also thinking of the police force on coruscant. That would seem like fun.
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10.10.2012 , 08:59 PM | #38
Remove crafting from the game as it is right now and but it back in the form of a crafting class where that and only that class can craft items and then sell them to other players. All players would be able take on gathering/mission skills as they are right now but only the crafting class could learn/craft schems. For instance you would start off as a basic crafter, then for an AC you would choose between two AC's like the combat classes, and the skill trees would be the current crafting crew skills, armormech and synthaweaving trees on one AC with a shared Biochem and the other AC would have artiface and cybertech. Both AC's would be able to craft basic schems for all trees, but to be able to craft end-game gear you would have to spec high into a given tree. This way both AC's get access to (IMHO) the best end-game crew skill Biochem, but they have to choice to do that AND a second gear related crafting skill.
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10.11.2012 , 12:47 AM | #39
It's hard to add classes here, but some thoughts...

Hm... on the Imp side there is no soldier per se. So maybe a Stormtroopr or Imperial Guard class, as a regular Imperial Soldier story arc.

On Republic side there could be a diplomat class that essentially works a bit like a spy class.

The Noble class suggested above sounds interessting too.

Problem is - other games can add new classes because they only have to provide a few new class quests and mechanics. Here a new class means a whole new story arc.
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10.11.2012 , 01:21 AM | #40
Assuming, for the moment, that Bioware do actually add something significant to the space combat, then I quite like the idea of having them use it as a part of future stories. Something along the lines of Republic and Imperial Pilot classes, maybe, with story line space missions that are only available to them, TIE Fighter style.

Of course, I have no idea how the classes would actually work, or how they'd fit with the rest of the ground based stuff... but, I still kind of like the idea.
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