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Even out the classes!!!

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Even out the classes!!!

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10.06.2012 , 03:15 PM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by GalnarDegana View Post
I will say that almost the exact opening burst rotation that you said,
Sab Charge -> Aimed Shot -> Wounding Shots
which takes (1.5+2.5+3 = 7 seconds) can be replaced with the SS rotation
Sab Charge -> Instant Charged Burst (with Smuggler's Luck) -> Aimed Shot (1.5 sec induction) -> Trickshot

This rotation will take less time (1.5+1.5+1.5+1.5 = 6 seconds)....
Hello Galbar,

I think you we're responding to me.

You are correct, your rotation takes less time overall, rotation front-loads that extra second BEFORE the target is damaged. To the person you are targeting, they have no idea that the Explosive Probe is on them and won't know until your first shot hits and activates it. The first shot will be my Ambush, which is where the extra second comes from since I don't get time reduction bonus. However, at the moment the target takes damage, every attack follows through as fast as the GCDs can cycle. So from the target's perspective, they lose that 1.5 seconds of reaction time after realizing that they are taking damage, which is huge.

In a straight 1v1 fight, which is an engagement a MM Sniper should try hard to avoid, I agree that your rotation is more optimal and I do use an altered variation of it (Probe>Snapshot Snipe>Followthrough>Ambush>Snapshot Snipe>Followthrough). But in a multi-player scrum, where you have a melee tanking/DPSing for you while you are at max range, by the time the target has time to say, "Oh Shizzle!!!"...they are in the respawn zone.

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10.06.2012 , 03:22 PM | #42
Fair enough, that is why it is always good to use Sabotage Charge first, I agree.

Even if it does give away what I am doing with my Charged Burst (and that is probably not a HUGE bit of damage), the fact is SS Aimed Shot is better than DF Aimed Shot, due to the buffs in the SS tree. Then factor in that even with the same amount of time, I get in a Charged Burst and a Trickshot, vs. just Wounding Shots with no bleeds. That is a clear advantage. Plus, even if the DF rotation gets them down to 30%, SS Quickdraw does more damage than DF Quickdraw. Again, a clear win for the bursty-ness of SS.

Like I said, DF has its uses, but SS is the clear winner in burst damage. It's not that DF can't burst. It is just not its primary purpose.
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10.06.2012 , 04:34 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by GalnarDegana View Post
Like I said, DF has its uses, but SS is the clear winner in burst damage. It's not that DF can't burst. It is just not its primary purpose.
Agreed. DF/Lethality own high Defense/Shield reliant classes, including SS/MM Snipers. In close proximity, I will lose to an equally skilled DF and I know that. Conversely, an equally skilled DF will lose to me if I can keep them outside 10 meters. Interestingly, DF/Leth's need to get within 10 meters of their target is what makes them well suited to taking on melee types, however it did not fit my desired play style.

DF/Leth does do burst, but it takes a fair degree of front loading the target with DoTs. Once the target it DoT'd up, then bursts fairly well.