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Stop complaining about the War Hero grind

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Stop complaining about the War Hero grind

rob_y's Avatar

10.05.2012 , 03:16 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
What exactly were you refering to? The post you quoted said exactly the contrary of what you laugh about, that is that no one takes recruit players in rated. What was this with the brain?

To the thread starter: Did you notice in your 1st 50 wz that your opponent group had about 1.2 million heals? Of course you can make 400k damage then. Please post some more screenshots of wzs in which you hit 400k in recruit against a group without heavy heals. Thanks.
Ok - I only played two level 50 WZs on him so far. I will post more as they happen. The only reason I didn't also post the first warzone was because the screenshot didn't take (does anyone else have this problem or does it just plague me and some of my guildmates?).
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Yiffinator's Avatar

10.05.2012 , 03:32 PM | #22
You're agreeing with me. So, this is confusing.
Read my post carefully, I'm calling you an outlier, you're average skilled, and ungeared. I don't know the conditions of your voidstar, or how you attain those numbers (very conditional; aoe perhaps) so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But your skill alone leaves wanting, the point of my post is you need both. Because you are lacking gear your performance suffers. If you have a larger data pool of say 40 games, in your current gear. Please show us. Although topping charts and numbers means nothing if you let the sorc heal hit up to 600k. That fault lies on both you and your team. If he was harassed, his numbers wouldn't be that high.

I'll temper my statement by saying, your stats do make me raise an eyebrow.

jstergar's Avatar

10.05.2012 , 03:40 PM | #23
The focus of this thread is DPS in recruit which isn't the real problem. The real problem of recruit gear is survivability.

The TTK vs stats ratios between recruit and WH is just way way off.

PakaOno's Avatar

10.05.2012 , 04:07 PM | #24
If you only have 1 "main" then the grind can be daunting, but for the most part everyone else had to do it. That said there's no reason to not hit 50 with 3500rwz/2000wz comms.

If it's an alt, then there's no reason to hit 50 with at least 2 pieces of WH and 3500/2000 comms. But really most people should have 5/5 WH + legacy belt/bracers when they hit 50.

rob_y's Avatar

10.05.2012 , 04:28 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Yiffinator View Post
how you attain those numbers (very conditional; aoe perhaps ... if you let the sorc heal hit up to 600k.
On my phone, so I apologize for brevity. The only aoe in an Assault commando's regular rotation is sticky grenade. Maybe some other aoes for node denial. As for the Sorc healer - 600k isn't that big of a heal number, but for what its worth - this was a solo queued pug, so we had no coordination.

Also, the point of the post isn't about my skill - it's about the fact that it's possible to output performance (objectives, numbers, etc) keeping up with the rest of a random warzone while in fresh 50 gear.
Yan (55 - Scoundrel) Silch (50 - Guardian) Hoeven (50 - Commando)
Thith'yan (50 - Sorceror) D'lamia (50 - Marauder) Brazo (55 - Powertech)
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Titanstroke's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 08:45 AM | #26
I will repeat the fast fix for this is rating the gear and running only people who meet the rating in the PvP WZ as they pop. IE, I am in full recruit the gear has a numeric ranking of X, therefore I am going against folks with no more than 5 pieces of Battlemaster, after that it bumps up to the next rated gear groups and they are 6 Battlemaster pieces to all Battemaster, do one more with less than half War Hero gear rating and the final one at half War Hero and above and this is for Pug Groups only.

It is doable, WoW pulled it off relatively quickly in the arenas so the code is there. This way there is a progression in PvP, it will not overcome people in groups or people with healers when the other group doesnt have any and it will not overcome skill issues. However, it will seperate the folks who have skill from those who dont and say it is gear. Cause right now, I defy any of you folks saying cry me a river to show me some actual data that says Gear isnt what wins War Zones if the two teams are equal in communication, heals, and skill. To use some of your own words, listen cupcakes you are talkng tough to cover up the fact that you may be hiding behind your gear.

This would stop two issues, the folks who are getting stomped because they just leveled a new toon, it will also make sure that my higher level geared toons fight against competition. I enjoyed one that we lost by 10 points more than the Huttball we took 6-0 and racked up kill after kill there literally wasnt any competition, a healer and I held the middle I melted their entire team one at a time as they tried to get there and got healed so even two or three on one I took easily. My job grab the ball from the middle throw it to center where that player either ran it in or threw to the next team member. It was a assembly line and guess what it wasnt any challenge, it was a free win.

I worry that getting stomped like that may convince half of those other people to quit which with the state of the game all of us should be wanting to retain players as much as possible.
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xxIncubixx's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 08:51 AM | #27
there has to be a carrot, if they streamline all the sets it just becomes pvp for the sake of pvp, and it just becomes boring.

TheronFett's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 10:12 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by tbowen View Post
Holy crap, man...cry some more please. You wouldnt take someone in PVE greens to do hardmode EC would you? NOPE. Its the same thing, rateds right now tend to be for the best of the best
Apples and oranges, man. You absolutely CAN NOT compare the PvE grind to the PvP grind.

The most difficult part of gearing up for end game raiding is putting the group together to do it. Battlemaster gear makes you insta-ready for Hard Mode raiding, so Tionese and Columi can be skipped completely. You can be in full Rakata gear in 2 weeks, or almost full Rakata in a single day if you're lucky with gear drops. The grind from BM to WH takes far longer.

Quote: Originally Posted by xxIncubixx View Post
there has to be a carrot, if they streamline all the sets it just becomes pvp for the sake of pvp, and it just becomes boring.

Most of the PvP community would continue to play with no gear grind. We PvP to compete, not chase gear sets.

Aizen's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 10:25 AM | #29
Honestly. The war hero grind isn't bad. It's the lack of fulfillment involved. The concept that we need to have this stuff is very bland. Most of the gear looks a bit silly. You are just another player when it comes to this gear as most of us just strip the mods anyways. There is nothing epic about it / no sense of real accomplishment in acquiring it. As most of us rarely feel some serious benefit from it till we augment the hell out of, as well as farm additional pieces of the armor for it's just to strip the mods.

Soljin's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 10:39 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by TheronFett View Post

Most of the PvP community would continue to play with no gear grind. We PvP to compete, not chase gear sets.
I agree here....In games of the past that had no PvP specific stat and a couple decent outlets for World PvP the zones/Planets were alive with PvP and usually specific areas were HOT zones.... Centering around lowbie areas where ganking occured, or some type of capture point AKA Factional base or area that rewards capture/Holding of the area etc....

Basically the treadmill of 4 WZ's for gear is really playing addiction againsts the community through repetitous tedium in place of an actual PvP system.

I would like to see them enhance Ilum and outlaws Den etc...Place PVP vendors and Terminals there to give people an area to control and fight over for real fun in between WZ Queues... at the very least get everyone off Fleet and into the actual game....

Basically PVP gear is the PvP content in this game....the very few WZ's are a way to get said gear, which in turn is a big part of the imbalances in PvP Gear gap!

Now I wont even start on the whole "Get rid of Expertise" comment because a large portion of the MMO community either refuse to understand the benefit...or are super stuck on getting steamrolled by a PvE raider. So forget that. However I would like to see them Keep the PvP teir system down to 2 sets...Recruit for begginers and then a second set that is moddable with say a 5% across the board bonus over recruit. From then on only release new teir mods,armorings, enhancements etc as upgrades so that the power increase is more gradual and purchases are more frequent.

Now Reward New skins for Valor ranks Say a set availible starting at rank 60 acquiring the full st by rank 70 and so on...but skins only. Everyone has access to the newest availible sets of Mods etc..the day they hit 50...Once they trade in their recruit chest for the moddable version they should have more then enough Comms to fill it with their choice of Armoring, Mod, and Enhancement...AKA no overgrinding for Optomized modding.

So at this point a fully modded WH will have a small gear advantage but a superior Knowledge and Set or two of skins that lower ranked players cant get.

Gear grind has been lessend and we have actual PvP zones to hang out in instead of Fleet. Not the total answer but a start.
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