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Flashpoints/OPS PVE gear guide??

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Flashpoints/OPS PVE gear guide??

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10.04.2012 , 03:04 PM | #1
I've been level 50 for sometime and have spent the majority of my leveling solo. Most of the people I started playing with no longer play. I joined a guild that has on average about 30-40 members on any give night of the week and more come the weekend. Since I have joined an active guild I would like to start getting pve gear. I run around in almost a complete Battlemaster set since I pvp a lot. I'm not sure on where I should start. I know from a little reading that certain peices of sets drop from certain FPs or Ops. Im kinda looking for a guide that will tell me to run this FPs/Ops until X item is obtained, then move on to next FPs/Ops until X items are obtained and so on. Anyone have the information I seek??

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10.04.2012 , 05:54 PM | #2
as far as what equips drop from what hardmodes...

False Emperor = Columi Chest
Battle of Ilum = Columi Offhand
Kaon = Columi Head
Directive 7 = Columi Pants
Black Talon/Esseles = Columi Bracers
Lost Island = Rakata Chest and Columi Main Hand
Taral V/Boarding Party = Columi Gloves
Malestrom Prison/The Foundry = Columi Boots

i think that's right, someone correct me if i'm wrong...

the equipment drops from the final boss in all the FPs. False Emperor is a good place to start, as well as Black Talon/Esseles. those are the easier ones. Lost Island is a tier 2 HM, so that one you might want to save for last, unless you can get in a good group that knows the FP very well. you can also get Columi drops from SM Ops, though those take more time and coordination.
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10.05.2012 , 03:37 AM | #3
here is a schema from Dulfy's site (a bit outdated but it gives you a nice overview)

and more on the same site

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10.05.2012 , 04:36 AM | #4
FP, Ops & Class loot tables

HM FP's with Columi drops
Lost Island - Boots, Pants, Chest
Kaon Under Siege - Head
The False Emperor - Chest
Taral V - Hands
Directive 7 - Legs
Maelstrom Prison - Feet
The Battle of Ilum - Offhand
The Esseles - Wrists

FP's with HM option
Lost Island {48-50)
Kaon Under Siege (48-50)
The Foundry (35-39)
Boarding Party (31-35)
Black Talon (9-13)

FP's without HM option
Red Reaper (43-74)
Colicoid War Game (39-43)
Cademimu (27-31)
Mandalorian Raiders (23-27)
Athiss (19-23)
Hammer Station (15-19)

Eternity Vault
Karagga's Palace
Explosive Conflict

Class specific Loot Tables:
Jedi Knight:

Jedi Consular:


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