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"The key to your success is a small and sorry creature"

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"The key to your success is a small and sorry creature"

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09.23.2012 , 06:06 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by _biddan_ View Post
you can't shape vette,vette will always be...well...vette.
since i romanced her as a full dark, im hoping u can in the future, hell she didn't disprove my chocking of quinn i think.

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09.23.2012 , 01:13 PM | #12
I'm pretty sure you can never really shape Vette into anything other than Vette. I never romanced her but I was darkside and had high approval.

Near the end of her conversation list when encouraging her to do more darkside acts, her response is

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10.01.2012 , 11:24 AM | #13
I haven't finished Jaesa's dialogues, because she kind of creeps out my LS warrior. WAY too good an actress, and the fact that she keeps it up when they're alone in the wilds of Hoth and the like make him want to sleep in armor, lol. Anyway, I don't know what happens with her dialogues yet or some mission that might be related (don't tell me ), but they've set her power up to be a big deal and we have to remember that we're only in the first 3 chapters. It may play a large part in the next 3. In fact, it would be quite a wasted opportunity if it didn't. I think it's meaningful that she's the only character you can really change, which makes me think that might prove to be meaningful, too. Really, she suits the prophecy far more than Vette.

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10.04.2012 , 05:59 PM | #14
I have to admit I did find the prophecy confusing. Her prophecy for Inquisitors seems to refer specifically to Khem Val and the end of the Korriban questline. So initially I assumed that she had to be talking about Vette. But while that and the dialogue about "a small and sorry creature" and "key to your success" also seem to fit Vette a little better, the fact that you can't mold her in your image at all seems to fit perfectly to Jaesa.

Maybe you could mold Vette to be more darkside earlier on but it was removed for launch?

I remember during beta some people said that if you kept Vette's shock collar on and kept shocking her she would eventually gain approval from darkside acts.