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Most played and least played class?

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Most played and least played class?

mikebevo's Avatar

10.03.2012 , 09:12 PM | #21
I find this thread funny because my main is scondrel sawbones on the republic side and my main imp alt is a operative healer (leveled this one concealment though).

My main dps alt on the republic side is a infitrator shadow... Guess I just like unpopular classes.

Will say one thing, smugglers/operatives get all the gear in Ops. Rarely did I ever have to roll for gear they pretty much just auto gave it to me until I had gear for spec and off spec.

Knights are clearly the most popular and I will agree that scondrels are more rare. Not really sure the most popular on the Imp side, but I have seen many operatives on the imp side. I've done flash points and heroics with all concealment spec operatives. Totally hillarious to see all the CC's, darts and blades flying.