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Top 10 Star Wars Games.

Vepariga's Avatar

09.21.2012 , 08:23 PM | #41
In no specific order.

Battlefront 2
Empire At War
Rogue Squadron II
Jedi Academy
SW Racer
TIE Fighter
Shadows Of the Empire
Yoda Stories

TalonVII's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 04:39 PM | #42
3.Republic Commando
4.Force Unleashed
5.Tie Fighter
7.SW Jedi KNight Jedi Academy
8. Rogue Squadron
9. Rogue Squadron III
10. BattleforntII
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SmugglersLuck's Avatar

09.25.2012 , 01:14 PM | #43
1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
2. Star Wars Battlefront
3. Star Wars Battlefront 2
4. Star Wars Galaxies
5. Star Wars Empire at War
6. Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
7. Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
8. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
9. Star Wars: The Old Republic
10. Star Wars Republic Commando
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TheCharonsClaw's Avatar

10.02.2012 , 06:04 AM | #44
1. Knights of the Old Republic
2. The Old Republic
3. Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
4. The Force Unleashed
5. Bounty Hunter
6. Battlefront II
7. Empire at War
8. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
9. Racer Revenge
10. Demolition ((There's just something fun about riding a rancor on the Death Star while tossing tanks and things))

Newyankalt's Avatar

10.02.2012 , 06:15 AM | #45
1. Kotor
2. The old republic
3. Battlefront 2
4. Kotor 2
5. Republic commando
6. The force unleashed
7. Rouge squadroun lll
8. Bounty hunter
9. Jedi knight Jedi academy
10. Empire at war

Malkosis's Avatar

10.03.2012 , 01:38 PM | #46
Only one mention of Rebellion in this whole thread?

Darth_Taral's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 09:14 AM | #47
10. Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
9. Republic Commando
8. Knights of the Old Republic
7. Dark Forces
6. Empire at War (includes Forces of Corruption)
5. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
4. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
3. Battlefront II
2. The Old Republic
1. TIE Fighter

Honorably Mentions:
-Yoda Stories (good arcade-y fun)
-LEGO Star Wars games (especially LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga)
-The Clone Wars (the 2003 GameCube game)
-Rebel Assault II (fun arcade-y action, and the story was cool).

Note that some good games were left out because I never owned/played them, or never really got into them.

Riceroni_Jabroni's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 07:59 PM | #48
2)Battlefront 2+1(2 was by far the better of the 2 though)
4)Republic Commando
5)Force Unleashed
6)Empire at war
7)Lego Star wars
8)Dark forces/jedi outcast
9)Phantom menace game
unfortunately despite my love of star wars from a young age, I didn't get a pc till early 2000's so didn't get to play tie fighter or rogue squadron. or at least until it was too late to appreciate it properly. bugger...

GARhenus's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 09:24 PM | #49
I had a fairly low end pc for 12 years so I only played a few

KOtOR (cant get this and 2 to work on win 7 64 bit)
Jedi Academy
Dark Forces
Mysteries of the Sith
Jedi Outcast
Galactic Battlegrounds
Empire at War
Rogue Squadron
Pod Racer