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50 Carnage Mara LF Guild/PvP premade

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50 Carnage Mara LF Guild/PvP premade

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10.03.2012 , 05:44 AM | #1
I just came back a few weeks ago, after taking a long hiatus. Last time I played we were having to roll for PvP gear in bags...centurion, champion, battlemaster etc.

Anyways, I'm up to almost full BM gear with a couple mix matched pieces of recruit gear/ champion gear (can you beleive that recruit gear has more expertise than champion and I have the BM relics!?). I'm at 1152 expertise.

I don't do bad in warzones, I'm usually in around 200k dmg, always solo q-ing, unless my team just gets torn apart. Could be higher, but I find myself without much healing or prot. support in pugs and I'm usually more focused on stunning or kamikazee play to just to keep nodes/doors from being capped. TBQH, I'm sick of losing half of the matches I'm queing up for and I'm just looking to join a stable group of players (preferably somewhat mature) that are focused on team play, winning and trying to better themselves strategically....and even doing RWZs.

EDIT: My play times are usually around 7pm-11pm Eastern Time. Sometimes earlier depending on work schedule.
chopped suˇey