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LF Advanced Skill Barrel 26

Aquilus_Ferox's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 01:04 AM | #1
I'm looking for someone that's able to craft the Advanced Skill Barrel 26.. I have all the mats, just need a crafted. I've got a bunch of 360 Investigation missions for tip.

Please contact me in game:

Aquillus, Ty'rann or Car'ter

In-Game: Aquillus, Car'ter, Mau'ck or Ty'rann
Guild Master of Superior Galactic Operations <SGO>
Professional Scoundrel

Ezmith's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 02:53 AM | #2
Ioana of haterade can craft it, 300k tip, send the mats to her, tell her what u want, she will get it back to u soon