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Radiant Impact, Endgame Guild Recruiting

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09.27.2012 , 05:01 PM | #1
Radiant Impact, a part of the Impact Gaming Community, is a top end game guild, formerly from The Fatman.

We have currently cleared
5/5 TFB SM
1/5 TFB HM

4/4 EC SM/HM

5/5 EV SM/HM/NM*

Prior to 1.4 we had cleared all current game content. We run a mix of pve/pvp nights. During a typical week we will spend 2 nights purely pvping. The rest of the week we are running operations, usually clearing ECHM with 3+ groups. We also run flashpoint and daily quest groups outside of raiding hours.

We have three raid formats
Progression Night - Tackling New Content/Min Maxing Characters
Gear Up/Alt Runs - Most of our officers have 2+ 50's, we use these runs to lead new members through past content(EC SM/HM), at the end of 1.3 these runs were mainly held in ECHM making sure all members were in on the latest content
Late Night Raids - Depending on the numbers of players online, and how quickly the first operation went we try and run a second Ops group starting at 10:30. These runs are also a chance to get new players titles from old operations.

We are currently recruiting the following roles:
PVPer: Members who are interests are mainly Rated Warzones(Expected to have Full Warhero)
Healers: Looking for Campaign Geared Healers for Progress Raid Group, as well as healers for gear up/alt and late night runs
Tanks: Looking for Rakata geared tanks to lead gear up/alt runs
DPS: Looking for DPS for late night ops runs(typically starts 10:30est)

If you are interesting in joining please feel free to apply on our website, or for quicker response in game message me, or any other member of Radiant Impact (currently Radiant Impact @ The Fatman)

Radiant Impact

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09.30.2012 , 01:36 PM | #2
RI will be running a 8 man TFBSM tonight, and may need some extra tanks/healers. If your interested whisper us in game.