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crashing for no reason

wizardaeon's Avatar

09.29.2012 , 09:08 PM | #1
Ok Ive seen multiple threads on this but I am not finding a solution. I switched my graphics driver just as you recommended on another thread- I am not using the current nvidia driver which you said had problems- I used the one you listed.
I am running=
3gb ram
athlon II Processor dual core 3.1
nvidia geforce 210 with 1gb ram
over 100 gb free space on hard drive
I was able to play fine with no crashes for weeks- I had to play windowed, but I could still play.
This crashing is making playing the game very unenjoyable!
Im sure Im not the only one posting this, but if you do not fix YOUR problem you will not be getting my money much longer... your patch caused this problem, not my computer!
I have done everything- drivers, settings, clean installations- I even reinstalled windows to play this game!