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Endless Repair Loop Strikes Again - 2 fixes here!

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Endless Repair Loop Strikes Again - 2 fixes here!

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09.26.2012 , 10:21 PM | #1
If you are stuck in the endless repair loop of doom, please see these two workarounds:

1) If you have a home network, and if you have another PC, simply download the client onto your other PC, and move it across your network to your own PC. Bioware won't tell you this workaround, but it works perfectly, because the client isn't attached to your system, it's completely independent, like your family JPGs and your pirated MP3s. Although it's a tedious workaround, it's 100% effective, and it's easy.

2) Unsub from this game, and never look back. If you need your MMO fix and are "done" with the traditional MMOs on the market, I highly recommend Guild Wars 2. It's a very high quality game.

You may have noticed, I am personally utilizing the second option this time around. I used the first option in 1.2, and again in 1.3. The updater fails. Tells me to repair. The repair fails, and you thought the "infinite cycle of doom" was only an enemy in WoW. Hah!

Unfortunately for me, because I recently upgraded my wife's hardware (memory and mobo) to the exact same parts I use in my PC, workaround #1 no longer fucntions for my personally. That gives me 2 accounts, and 0 playable clients. That means you, EA, now have -2 accounts. I know you don't care, you're going F2P, and, really, gratz on that.

Don't ask me to submit any logs. I did that last time I opened a ticket. And guess what? I got no resolution. Yes, I opened a ticket for 1.3. Yes, I sent all the logs you asked for. Yes, after a few days of waiting for you to get your act together, I utilized the workaround described above that was suggested by another player, not by you. And yes, even though you had no way to know my client was functioning, after 2 more weeks of hearing NOTHING from you on my ticket, I closed it myself, just so I wouldn't have to see that stupid green "lookit me!" icon at the top of my screen every time I logged in.

That level of fail is utterly unmatched in my decade+ of playing MMOs, unless you count Warhammer Online, which was also an EA game. Hmm ... go figure.

I want this game not to suck, because I want to play a Star Wars MMO. But my fanboi-colored classes can no longer obfuscate the steaming pile this game has become. So, thanks for the memories EA. And thanks for driving me to your competitor, GW2, an infinitely superior game. I didn't play GW1, so I had no idea how awesome Arenanet does it's thing. And please, EA, do me a favor. Don't buy out Arenanet.

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