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PVE End Game Gearing Question

zekesweatshirt's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 11:02 AM | #1
Hey guys, if an identical thread already exists I'm sorry. I was just wondering if someone could kind of explain the endgame pve currencies and gear ranks and such. I'm already familiar with running expert content and getting endgame dungeon gear to be geared enough to do raids (in other games like Rift, WoW). So I'm wondering what content do I run at 50 to get raid ready, etc. Again, sorry if this has been stated all over the forums and thank you.

EDIT- Nevermind, found a guide in the forums. Sorry.

DarthObelisk's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 12:08 PM | #2
Well if you are a fresh lvl 50 i would suggest doing the daily missions to get the daily comms so you can get the 51 rating mods for it as well as just running the daily group and weekly HM's for the columi gear that drops in them. dont forget to use your group finder at least once a day so you can get the black hole comms that are rewarded to use when using the group finder. The black hole comms are used to buy black hole gear which is top of the line gear right now. When you get some decent columi gear try starting out with EV story mode first. It's probably the easiest OPS right now and almost every boss in there drops gear you can probably use.
Once you get probably geared up in all columi gear try running Karga's palace. Then once you get all geared up in rakata and black hole gear try running EC or explosive conflict that drops campaign gear which is better then the black hole gear for you.

I have been told by friends that have run the new ops on the test center that its better if you run the new ops in all or Black hole gear that is augmented as well
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